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Constitutional conversations in Europe : actors, topics and procedures / editors, Monica Claes, Maartje de Visser, Patricia Popelier, Catherine Van de Heyning.


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Publication date:
Cambridge : Intersentia : Metro, [2012]
Copyright notice:
  • Book
  • xiii, 399 pages ; 24 cm.
Includes bibliographical references.
  • Introduction: On constitutional conversations / Monica Claes, Maartije de Visser, Patricia Popelier and Catherine van de Heyning
  • Half a case at a time: dealing with judicial minimalism at the European Court of Justice / Daniel Sarmiento
  • An essay on how the discourse on sovereignty and on the co-operativeness of national courts has diverted attention from the erosion of classic constitutional rights in the EU / Anneli Albi
  • Judicial conversations in multilevel constitutionalism : the Belgian case / Patricia Popelier
  • The Italian constitutional court and the European Court of Justice : a progressive overlapping between the supranational and the domestic dimensions / Oreste Pollicino
  • The Czech constitutional court and the Court of Justice : between fascination and securing autonomy / Pavel Molek
  • Mutual recognition and fundamental constitutional rights : the first preliminary reference of the Spanish constitutional court / Maribel González Pascual
  • The European perspective : from lingua franca to a common language / Catherine Van de Heyning
  • Negotiating constitutional identity or whose identity is it anyway? / Monica Claes
  • Attack or retreat? : evolving themes and strategies of the judicial dialogue between the German constitutional court and the European Court of Justice / Daniel Thym
  • The French constitutional council and the CJEU : between splendid isolation, communication and forced dialogue / François-Xavier Millet
  • Sending smoke signals to Luxembourg : the Polish constitutional tribunal in dialogue with the ECJ / Krystyna Kowalik-Bańczyk
  • The impact of the European mandate of ordinary courts on the position of constitutional courts / Michal Bobek
  • The Melki way : the Melki case and everything you always wanted to know about French judicial politics (but were afraid to ask) / Arthur Dyevre
  • The protection of fundamental rights by the Belgian constitutional court and the Melki-Abdeli judgment of the European Court of Justice / Jan Velaers
  • Changing the conversation in the Netherlands? : two recent legislative proposals evaluated from a European and comparative perspective / Maartje de Visser
  • The pilot judgment procedure before the European Court of Human Rights as an instrument for dialogue / Janeke Gerards.
Claes, Monica editor of compilation.
De Visser, Maartje editor of compilation.
Popelier, P., editor of compilation.
Heyning, Catherine van de editor of compilation.
Ius commune europaeum 107.

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