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Symposium : does Red Lion still roar? : public interest media regulation forty years after Red Lion Broadcasting Co. v. FCC.


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Chicago, Illinois : American Bar Association, Section of Administrative Law & Regulatory Practice ; [Washington, District of Columbia] : Washington College of Law, American University, [2008]
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  • Book, Conference Proceedings
  • pages 767-994 ; 26 cm
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Does Red Lion still roar, public interest media regulation forty years after Red Lion Broadcasting Co. v. FCC
Symposium held April 18, 2008, American University, Washington College of Law. Symposium issue of Administrative law review, volume 60, number 4 (fall 2008). Cover title.
Includes bibliographical references.
  • Keynote address / Cass R. Sunstein
  • The legacy of Red Lion / Angela J. Campbell
  • From Red Lion to red list : the dominance and decline of the broadcast medium / Jim Chen
  • Paradoxes of media policy analysis : implications for public interest media regulation / Philip M. Napoli
  • The four eras of FCC public interest regulation / Lili Levi
  • Keynote address: Three cheers for Red Lion / C. Edwin Baker
  • Red Lion confusions / Mark Lloyd
  • The fairness doctrine : a flawed means to attain a noble goal / Marvin Ammori
  • A modest plea for FCC modesty regarding the public interest standard / Randolph J. May
  • Articles. The irrelevant wasteland : an exploration of why Red Lion doesn't matter (much) in 2008, the crucial importance of the information revolution, and the continuing relevance of the public interest standard in regulating access to spectrum / Ronald J. Krotosynski, Jr.
  • Abandoning standing : trading a rule of access for a rule of deference / Richard Murphy.
American Bar Association. Section of Administrative Law and Regulatory Practice.
Washington College of Law.
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