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Making peoples heard : essays on human rights in honour of Gudmundur Alfredsson / edited by Asbjørn Eide, Jakob Th. Möller, Ineta Ziemele.


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English, Icelandic. One chapter in Icelandic with a summary in English.
Publication date:
Leiden ; Boston : Martinus Njhoff, 2011.
  • Book
  • xxix, 643 p. : col. port. ; 25 cm.
Title Variation:
Essays on human rights in honour of Gudmundur Alfredsson
Includes bibliographical references.
  • A tribute to Dr. Guðmundur Alfreðsson from the President of Iceland / Ólafur Ragnar Grimsson
  • Islands of independence : Gudmundur Alfredsson and human rights capacity development / Jonas Grimheden and Rolf Ring
  • Milestones in the development of international humanitarian law / Daniel Thürer
  • Post-war American international law scepticism : the International Criminal Court, Stockholm 1924 / Mark Weston Janis
  • Peace as a human right : the jus cogens prohibition of aggression / Alfred de Zayas
  • The human right to peace / William A. Schabas
  • Security and human rights in the regulation of private military companies : the role of the home state / Francesco Francioni
  • What makes democracy good? / Lyal S. Sunga
  • Is the United Nations Human Rights Council living up to the international community's expectations? / Markus G. Schmidt
  • The UN Human Rights Council : the perennial struggle between realism and idealism / Bertrand G. Ramcharan
  • Eight UN Petitions procedures : a comparative analysis / Jakob TH. Möller
  • The legal status of views adopted by the Human Rights Committee : from genesis to adoption of General Comment no. 33 / Geir Ulfstein
  • Winter break 2010 : a week in the life of a special rapporteur / Martin Scheinin
  • Legal and judicial shortcomings of the surrogate state of "Unmikistan" / Margrét Heinreksdóttir
  • The right to inclusive education for children with disabilities : innovations in the CRPD / Oddný Mjöll Arnardóttir
  • The Council of Europe : a champion in monitoring implementations of human rights standards? / Petter F. Wille
  • Flexibilising the modes of amending the European Convention of Human Rights : an idea of the "statute" for the European Court / Krzysrof Drzewicki
  • Strengthening or the principle of subsidiarity of the European Convention of Human Rights / Björg Thorarensen
  • Presumption of Convention compliance / Davið Þór Björgvinsson
  • The right to adequate judicial reasoning / Ragnar Aðalsteinsson
  • Dialogue between states and international human rights monitoring organs : especially the European Commission Against Racism and Intolerance / Lauri Hannikainen
  • How old are you? : Age discrimination and the EU law / Allan Rosas
  • NHRIs in the European Union : status quo vadis? / Morten Kjærum and Jonas Grimheden
  • Selected examples of the contemporary practice of the Inter-American System in confronting grave violations of human rights : United State and Colombia / Diego Rodriguez-Pinzón
  • Prevention of discrimination, protection of minorities, and the rights of indigenous peoples : challenges and choices / Asbjørn Eide
  • Minority protection in the African System of Human Rights / Michelo Hansungule
  • Indigenous peoples on the international scene : a personal reminiscence / Lee Swepston
  • Indigenous peoples and the right to development / Rainer Hofmann and Juri Alistair Gauthier
  • Principle problems regarding indigenous land rights and recent endeavours to resolve them / Erica-Irene A. Daes
  • Traditional knowledge of indigenous peoples : preserve or protect? : That's the question! / Mpazi Sinjela
  • Redefining sovereignty and self-determination through a declaration of sovereignty : the Inuit way of defining the parameters for future Arctic governance / Timo Koivurova
  • Compliance with the views of the UN Human Rights Committee and the judgments of the European Court of Human Rights in Iceland / Gudrun Gauksdottir and Thordis Ingadottir
  • Átti skortur á lýðræðisegum stjôrnarháttum þátt í nýafstöðnu bankahruni á Íslandi? = Did lack of democratic governance contribute to the recent collapse of the Icelandic banking system? : Summary in English / Eiríkur Tómasson
  • "Only a virtuous people are capable of freedom" : constitutional principles and preceding causes of the crash in Iceland / Herdís Thorgeirsdóttir
  • The constitutionalism of the Republic of Iceland and the role and status of the president / Áugúst Þór Árnason
  • The hundred-year journey of the concept of human rights in China / Xu Xianming
  • Article 17 or China's Regional National Autonomy law : its implementation and implications / Maria Lundberg and Zhou Yang
  • Enforcement of economic, social, and cultural rights at the national level : the Indian practice / Manoj Kumar Sinha.
Eide, Asbjørn.
Möller, Jakob Th.
Ziemele, Ineta.
Alfredsson, Gudmundur.

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