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Back to the drawing board : the future of the pro-life movement / edited by Teresa R. Wagner.


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Publication date:
South Bend, Ind. : St. Augustine's Press, c2003.
  • Book
  • xxi, 328 p. ; 23 cm.
Title Variation:
Future of the pro-life movement
Includes bibliographical references.
  • Introduction / Mildred Fay Jefferson
  • The legal profession and the law schools : should we blame the lawyers? / by Charles E. Rice
  • The judiciary : only liars need apply / by Terence P. Jeffrey
  • Litigation strategies and democratic deliberation : let the people decide / by Clarke Forsythe
  • An appreciation of Justice Byron White (1917-2002) : seeing the dragon cloud / by John Manning Regan, Sr.
  • The medical profession : reflections of the abortion king / by Bernard Nathanson
  • A view from clinical psychiatry : abortion wounds / by Philip Ney
  • Long-term physical complications of induced abortion : breaking the silence / by Elizabeth Shadigian
  • Pregnancy help centers, abstinence, STDs, and healing : putting it all together / by Margaret Hartshorn
  • A history of pro-life leadership : for better or worse / by Jack Willke
  • Political engagement : an honest evaluation / by Paul Weyrich
  • A defense of the Republican Party : the GOP must do more / by Chris Smith
  • A critique of the Republican Party : the Republican "lesser evil" / by Joe Sobran
  • The party or the movement? : principle or pragmatism? : abortion politics in the twenty-first century / by Phyllis Schlafly and Colleen Parro
  • The Democrat Party : Casey's heirs and the fall of pro-life Democrats / by Mark Stricherz and Raymond L. Flynn
  • Another party? : time for constitutional fidelity : the Constitution Party / by Howard Phillips
  • The base : letter to the troops : the grassroots of the pro-life movement / by James Dobson
  • The liberal voice beyond the base : there's more to abortion than abortion / by Nat Hentoff
  • Religious leadership : where Are the shepherds? / by Jean Garton
  • The pro-life movement and the Jewish community : LeChayitn--to life! Judaism Is for Life, how about Jews? / by Daniel Lapin
  • A Muslim perspective : an Islamic view of life issues and the West / by A. Majid Katme
  • Hollywood : the problem with selling half the story / by Barbara Nicolosi
  • The Kinsey culture : sex-on-demand, abortion-on-demand / by Judith Reisman
  • Motherhood and the movement : crisis of life? crisis of love! / by Mary Hasson and Miki Hill
  • Bioethics and the status of the human embryo : two traditions in tension / by John M. Haas
  • A new federation for life : learning from our adversaries / by Chuck Donovan
  • The international scene : dangerous mischief at the United Nations : abortion as the law of the world / by Austin Ruse.
Wagner, Teresa R., 1964-

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