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The evolution of law reform in China : an uncertain path / edited by Stanley B. Lubman.


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Publication date:
Cheltenham, UK ; Northampton, MA, USA : Edward Elgar, c2012.
  • Book
  • lxxiii, 751 p. : ill. ; 25 cm.
Includes bibliographical references.
  • Introduction / Stanley B. Lubman
  • Legislating for a market economy in China / Donald C. Clarke
  • Commentary on "Legislating for a market economy in China" / Xianchu Zhang
  • Experience of law in the PRC / Jianfu Chen
  • Development of the Chinese legal system since 1979 and its current crisis and transformation / Cai Dingjian
  • Assessing China's legal reforms / Benjamin L. Liebman
  • China's reform era legal odyssey / Jerome A. Cohen
  • From the rule of man to the rule of law / Wand Chenguang
  • Constitutionalism with Chinese characteristics? : constitutional development and civil litigation in China / Thomas E. Kellogg
  • Sources of law and law-making / Jianfu Chen
  • The administrative law regime : reining in an unruly bureaucracy / Randall Peerenboom
  • Administrative law as a mechanism for control in contemporary China / He Xin
  • Update on China's open government information regulations : surprising public demand yielding some positive results / Jamie P. Horsley
  • Suing the local state : administrative litigation in rural China / Kevin J. O'Brien and Lianjiang Li
  • China's courts : restricted reform / Benjamin L. Liebman
  • The Party and the courts / Zhu Sali
  • The politicisation of China's law-enforcement and judicial apparatus / Willy Lam
  • Street as courtroom : state accommodation of labor protest in South China / Yang Su and Xin He
  • Calling for judicial reform / Qin Xudong
  • Principals and secret agents : central versus local control over policing and obstacles to "rule of law" in China / Murray Scot Tanner and Eric Green
  • The police and the rule of law : commentary on "Principals and secret agents" / He Weifang
  • China / Ira Belkin
  • Retrospection and perspective : Chinese criminal law procedure / Weidong Chen
  • A note on administrative punishment in China / Mike McConville
  • China's lawyers and their training : enduring influences and disconnects / Alison W. Conner
  • Weiquan (rights protection) lawyering in an authoritarian state : building a culture of public-interest lawyering / Hualing Fu and Richard Cullen
  • The dislocation of the Chinese human rights movement / Eva Pils
  • Reforming the people's mediation system in urban China / Aaron Halegua
  • "Use the law as your weapon!" : Institutional change and legal mobilization in China / Mary E. Gallagher
  • Xinfang : an alternative to formal Chinese legal institutions / Carl F. Minzner.
"This timely collection presents articles written by Chinese and Western authors on law reform in the People's Republic of China from its beginning in 1978 until the present day. The first part presents differing perspectives on the history of law reform. Separate sections are devoted to core institutions: the Constitution, the legislature, administrative law, courts, criminal process, the legal profession, extra-judicial dispute resolution and citizens petitions. Alongside an original introduction the book will be of interest to readers with specialized interests in Chinese law but also to anyone interested in China's governance."--Back cover.
Lubman, Stanley B., 1934-
Elgar research collection.

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