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The insects : structure and function / R.F. Chapman, formerly of the University of Arizona, USA.


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Chapman, R. F. (Reginald Frederick)
Publication date:
Fifth edition / edited by Stephen J. Simpson, the University of Sydney, Australia, Angela E. Douglas, Cornell University, New York, USA.
New York : Cambridge University Press, 2013.
Copyright notice:
  • Book
  • xxxi, 929 pages : illustrations ; 25 cm.
Includes bibliographical references and indexes.
  • Machine generated contents note: List of contributors; Preface; Acknowledgments; Prologue / George C. McGavin; Part I. The Head, Ingestion, Utilization and Distribution of Food: 1. Head / Stephen J. Simpson; 2. Mouthparts and feeding / Stephen J. Simpson; 3. Alimentary canal, digestion and absorption / Angela E. Douglas; 4. Nutrition / Angela E. Douglas and Stephen J. Simpson; 5. Circulatory system, blood and the immune system / Angela E. Douglas and Michael T. Siva-Jothy; 6. Fat body / Deborah K. Hoshizaki; Part II. The Thorax and Locomotion: 7. Thorax / Graham K. Taylor; 8. Legs and locomotion / Graham K. Taylor; 9. Wings and flight / Graham K. Taylor; 10. Muscles / John C. Sparrow; Part III. The Abdomen, Reproduction and Development: 11. Abdomen / Leigh W. Simmons; 12. Reproductive system: male / Leigh W. Simmons; 13. Reproductive system: female / Leigh W. Simmons; 14. The egg and embryology / Michael R. Strand; 15. Postembryonic development / Stuart Reynolds; Part IV. The Integument, Gas Exchange and Homeostasis: 16. Integument / Hans Merzendorfer; 17. Gaseous exchange / Jon F. Harrison and Lutz Thilo Wasserthal; 18. Excretion and salt and water regulation / Julian Dow; 19. Thermal relations / John S. Terblanche; Part V. Communication; Section 1. Physiological Co-ordination within the Insect: 20. Nervous system / Stephen Rogers; 21. Endocrine system / Stuart Reynolds; Section 2. Perception of the Environment: 22. Vision / Michael F. Land and Lars Chittka; 23. Mechanoreception / Tom Matheson; 24. Chemoreception / Bronwen Cribb and David Merritt; Section 3. Communication with other Organisms: 25. Visual signals: colour and light production / Peter Vukusic and Lars Chittka; 26. Mechanical communication: producing sound and substrate vibrations / Ralf Heinrich; 27. Chemical communication: pheromones and chemicals with interspecific significance / Jeremy McNeil and Jocelyn G. Millar; Taxonomic index; Subject index.
"The Insects has been the standard textbook in the field since the first edition published over forty years ago. Building on the strengths of Chapman's original text, this long-awaited 5th edition has been revised and expanded by a team of eminent insect physiologists, bringing it fully up-to-date for the molecular era. The chapters retain the successful structure of the earlier editions, focusing on particular functional systems rather than taxonomic groups and making it easy for students to delve into topics without extensive knowledge of taxonomy. The focus is on form and function, bringing together basic anatomy and physiology and examining how these relate to behaviour. This, combined with nearly 600 clear illustrations, provides a comprehensive understanding of how insects work. Now also featuring a richly illustrated prologue by George McGavin, this is an essential text for students, researchers and applied entomologists alike"-- Provided by publisher.
Simpson, Stephen J.
Douglas, A. E. (Angela Elizabeth), 1956-

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