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Sport for development, peace, and social justice / Robert J. Schinke, Stephanie J. Hanrahan, editors.


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Publication date:
Morgantown, WV : Fitness Information Technology, c2012.
  • Book
  • vi, 288 p. : ill. ; 26 cm.
Includes bibliographical references and index.
  • Sport as a possible intervention : an introduction / Robert J. Schinke and Stephanie J. Hanrahan
  • Developing peace through community sport in multi-ethnic South African contexts / Marion Keim
  • The Doves Olympic Movement Project : integrating Olympism, development, and peace / Alexis Lyras
  • Soccer as a mediator for fostering relationships and building peace among Jewish and Arab players / Ronnie Lidor and Boris Blumenstein
  • Working through distrust with a Canadian First Nation through sport research / Robert J. Schinke ... [et al.]
  • Rethinking community-based crime prevention through sports / Douglas Hartmann
  • Postcolonial and feminist critiques of sport for development / Audrey R. Giles and Meghan Lynch
  • Making space for gay sport participants / Barbara Ravel
  • Examining the spectrum of inclusion and opportunity in sport for persons with disabilities / Ted Fay and Eli Wolff
  • Developing adolescents' self-worth and life satisfaction through physically active games : interventions with orphans and teenagers living in poverty / Stephanie J. Hanrahan
  • Using sport to promote HIV/AIDS education among at-risk youths in sub-Saharan Africa / Glyn C. Roberts, Cyprian Maro, and Marit Sørensen
  • Future directions in youth leadership research in sport / Daniel Gould, Dana K. Voelker, and Jed Blanton
  • Youth sports : what counts as "positive development"? / Jay Coakley
  • Revelation at the Superdome : race, class, and politics in post-Katrina America / Michael D. Giardina and C.L. Cole
  • Investing in communities : sporting events and social responsibility / Laura Misener and Daniel S. Mason
  • Intercollegiate athletics' role in donor development in higher education / Jeffrey L. Stinson and Dennis R. Howard
  • Corporate philanthropic activity related to sport : what works and what doesn't / Shane Pegg and Ian Patterson
  • Conclusions and future directions / Stephanie J. Hanrahan and Robert J. Schinke.
Schinke, Robert J.
Hanrahan, Stephanie J., 1961-
Sport & global cultures series.

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