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Pipelines 2012 [electronic resource] : innovations in design, construction, operations, and maintenance : doing more with less : proceedings of the Pipelines 2012 Conference : August 19-22, 2012, Miami Beach, Florida / sponsored by the Pipeline Division of the American Society of Civil Engineers ; edited by Robert J. Card, Michael K. Kenny.



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Corporate Author:
American Society of Civil Engineers. Pipeline Division. Specialty Conference (2012 : Miami Beach, Fla.)
Publication date:
Reston, Va. : American Society of Civil Engineers, c2012.
  • Book, Conference Proceedings
  • 1 online resource (1532 p.) : col.
Title Variation:
Innovations in design, construction, operations, and maintenance
Proceedings of the Pipelines 2012 Conference
Includes bibliographical references and index.
  • Performance Testing of Underground Storage Tank against Buckling
  • Organizing and Managing the Implementation of Large Diameter Tapping and Plugging Technology for a Major Sanitary Improvement Project in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
  • Ductile Iron Corrosion Theories and Science
  • Design and Development of a Web-Based National Database for Water and Wastewater Pipeline Infrastructure Systems
  • Fatigue of Plastic Water Pipe : A Technical Review with Recommendations for PE4710 Pipe Design Fatigue
  • Novel Resilience Assessment Methodology for Water Distribution Systems
  • Contingency and Emergency : Prior Planning, "Real Live" Execution, and Post Mortem of the Results
  • Water Transmission Main Condition Assessment in the Last Frontier : A Magnanimous Endeavor for the Anchorage Water and Wastewater Utility
  • Protection of Petroleum and Natural Gas Pipelines Crossing Debris Flow Watersheds A Case Study in the Qinling Mountains, Western China
  • Meeting the Challenge of Pipeline Emergency Repair
  • PressureCast Steel Pipe Combined Load Test Set-Up and Execution
  • Unidirectional Flushing (UDF) : It's Not Just about Cleaning the System Anymore Benefits and Advantages that West Springfield, Massachusetts Achieved with Their Program
  • Transmission Main and Plastic Pipe Leak Detection Using Advanced Correlation Technology : Case Studies
  • Installation of a 42 Inch HDPE Pipeline at Seminole County's Regional Water Treatment Facility at Yankee Lake
  • Risk Management in Real Time Transient Control Testing on a Large Conveyance System
  • Integration of HDPE 4710 Materials for Potable Water Distribution Systems
  • Five Years and Counting : The Evolution of WSSC's PCCP Management Program
  • City of Westminster's Sewer Collection System Assessment Program : A Case Study
  • GIS : A Decision Making Tool for Pipeline Asset Management in Atlanta
  • Intake Screen Alternatives for the IPL Project Planning for Mussels and Variable Intake Depths
  • Variability of Pipe Coating Pull-Off Adhesion Measurements on Cylindrical Steel Pipelines
  • Evaluation of Statically-Loaded Large Diameter Steel Pipe Embedded with Lime Stabilized Native Clay Soils
  • Seismic Fragility Evaluation of Water Pipelines : Part 1 Current Practice
  • Galveston's Life Line Considerations When Designing an Aerial Crossing
  • Who Says You Need Multiple Wire Breaks for a PCCP Pipe to Fail?
  • Condition Evaluation of Asbestos Cement Water Mains
  • Numbers Don't Lie : PCCP Performance and Deterioration Based on a Statistical Review of a Decade of Condition Assessment Data
  • From Pilot to Permanent : Evolution of LWC's PCCP Condition Assessment Program
  • A Methodology for Condition Assessment of Pressure Water Mains
  • Implementation of Sustainability Initiatives and the Envision Rating System on the Omaha CSO Program
  • PCCP Condition Assessment Methodology : What Is Right for You?
  • Enhancing Asset Management Priority Ranking A Case Study
  • Condition Assessment of 23 Lift Stations
  • Integrated Monitoring Strategy for Large Diameter Pre-Stressed Concrete Pipelines A Case Study at Waternet, the Netherlands
  • Protecting the Magic City
  • Pilot Large Diameter Pipeline Seismic Fragility Assessment
  • Restoring Water Network Reliability and Control in the City of Baltimore
  • New Approaches to Inspect Water Pipelines Running under Rivers, Lakes, Levies, and Critical Transport Infrastructure
  • Reducing the Cost of Failure : Time is the Unforgiving Enemy during Pipeline Ruptures
  • The Problem of Leakage Detection on Large Diameter Mains
  • Condition Assessment of a Ductile Iron Force Main Using Guided Wave Technology : Case Study of Underwood Creek Force Main, Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District
  • Failure Risk of Bar-Wrapped Pipe with Broken Bars and Corroded Cylinder
  • Sewer Main Condition Assessment in the Last Frontier
  • LRFD Approach to CFRP Renewal of Prestressed Concrete Cylinder Pipes
  • Rehabilitation of Large Diameter PCCP : Relining and Sliplining with Steel Pipe
  • Miami-Dade Case Study : Managing and Minimizing Pipeline Outages through the Use of Carbon Fiber
  • Field Comparison of the Axis Vacuum Microtunneling Technology vs. Open Cut Excavation in Glenview, Illinois.
  • Technology How Far Can We Go?
  • Southeast Collector Trunk Sewer Route Selection : The Regional Municipalities of York and Durham, Ontario, Canada
  • Consideration of Embodied Energy in Sustainability Evaluation of Pipeline Projects
  • Chemical Amendment of Excavated Trench Material for Sustainable Reuse
  • Condition Assessments Using Pipe Penetrating Radar : The Metro Wastewater Reclamation District, Denver, CO Harvard Gulch Interceptor Case Study
  • Route Selection for a $2.2 Billion Pipeline
  • Replacement of a Critical Water Supply Pipeline in a Dense Urban Landscape
  • M-DWASD Design-Build Procurement for Government Cut Pipeline Replacement Project
  • Stockton Delta Water Project Construction Challenges
  • A New Generation of FRP Laminates for Repair of Pipelines in the Gas Industry
  • Design and Construction Challenges for a 36 Inch Diameter 18 Mile Reclaimed Water Pipeline
  • Two Successful Installations of Large Diameter Rigid-Design Concrete Pressure Pipelines in Very Soft Soils
  • Augmenting Owner's Staff with As-Needed Contracts for Large Diameter Pipeline Construction Management
  • Pipeline Infrastructure Renewal at Miami-Dade Water and Sewer Department
  • Delivering a Critical Raw Water Transmission Line Using Design-Build : The Perspective from Gilbert, AZ
  • From Tiny Hole to Huge Problem Overnight Emergency Culvert Pipe Repair
  • Lessons Learned from the Commissioning of a 21,000 HP Pump Station in San Diego
  • Hiding a 96 Inch Pipeline in Your Neighbor's Backyard
  • Pipe Collapse in an Amusement Park Now What Do You Do?
  • San Francisco Public Utilities Commission's Water System Improvement Program : Bay Division Pipeline 5 East Bay Reaches Construction Contract Challenges in a Difficult Economy
  • 60" Demonstration Installation of PressureCast Steel Pipe for the Tarrant Regional Water District
  • Replacing Live Pipelines Planning for Construction Issues and Sequencing Can Keep Your System Up and Running
  • Recycled Water for the Thirsty High Desert
  • Longest Polyurethane Lined and Coated Steel Pipeline in North America : The Provo Reservoir Canal Enclosure Project
  • Experimental Examination of Selected Limit States of Structural Liners at Locations of Ring Fracture
  • Reconstruction in an Urban Environment: Kimberley Lane 8" Water Line HDD and 54" Sanitary Sewer CIPP Rehabilitation
  • Basis of Design for Proposed 42 Inch Reclaimed Water Main
  • Repair of a Punctured 48 in. Diameter Prestressed Concrete Cylinder Pipe on a Sixty Degree Slope
  • Getting Ready for a Larger Panama Canal Assessing a Critical Large Diameter Force Main
  • Buried Flexible Pipes : Deflections and Stresses Caused by an Increase in Soil Cover Highway Crossing
  • Proactive Upgrade of Steel Pipelines during Scheduled Plant Outages
  • Case Study of Productivity Analysis for Horizontal Directional Drilling
  • The Effects of Pipe Stiffness on HDD Pull Loads
  • Sustainable Flowable Fill
  • How to Accelerate Design and Construction for Large Water Supply Projects
  • Collaborative Bidding Approach for the Tollgate Creek Interceptor
  • Three Heads are Better Than One : Efficient Solutions to Achieve the Best Value for a 6 Mile Water Main in an Urban Setting
  • Planning and Modeling Solutions for a Complex Collection System : The Baton Rouge SSO Control and Wastewater Facilities Program
  • Pipe Materials and Joint Selection for Trenchless Construction
  • Classification and Specification of Bedding and Backfill for Buried Pipelines
  • Tangent Outlet Design for Welded Steel Pipe
  • Molecular Design of High Density Polyethylene for Pipes
  • Reinforced Concrete Pipe Design under Extreme Loading Conditions Using ASCE Standard 15-98 and Beyond
  • Untangling the Mysteries of Air Valves
  • Hydraulic Modeling for Emergency Water Supply and Disaster Planning
  • Finite Element Analysis of Combined-Load Performance of PressureCast Steel Pipe
  • Dynamic Behavior of Buried Flexible Pipes of Varying Thickness Using the Shaking Table Test
  • Designing a Critical Interceptor in an Earthquake Prone Floodplain with Limited Access : The Santa Ana River Interceptor Relocation Project
  • Selecting Water Main Materials for the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power.
  • Common and Challenging Questions in Water System Infrastructure Management
  • Emergency Relocation of 20 Inch Sewer Force Main (HDD)
  • Introducing a New Honeycomb-FRP Pipe
  • Structural Design of Buried Pipes
  • Surge in a Bi-Directional 48" Steel, Potable Water Pipeline
  • Design to Prevent Long Running Cracks in Plastic Pipe for Water Applications
  • Scoring and Selecting Rehabilitation Methodologies : How to Pick the Winning Number?
  • Proven Pipeline Rehabilitation System Using Steel Liners for the San Diego County Water Authority
  • Pipe Performance and Experiences during Seismic Events in New Zealand over the Last 25 Years
  • Steel Cylinder Reinforcement (SCR) for Pipeline Repair or Upgrades
  • Determining the Effectiveness of Chlorine-Based Biofilm Control in Large Diameter Pipelines
  • Large Steel Penstock Relining : The Blue Ridge Dam Rehabilitation
  • Cathodic Protection of Ductile Iron and Steel Water Pipelines
  • The Design and Construction Considerations for PCCP Rehabilitation Using FRP Composites
  • The Development of a Novel Steel Reinforced Composite (SRC) Liner for the Rehabilitation of Deteriorated PCCP
  • Can It Handle the Pressure? Condition Assessment, Structural Evaluation, and Repair of an Existing 72 Inch PCCP Pipeline
  • Beyond the Wires : A Sustainable Approach to Prestressed Concrete Cylinder Pipe Management
  • Redeveloping Phoenix's PCCP Assessment Progra : A Pragmatic Approach
  • Interaction of Water Transport Pipelines with Their Surroundings and Third Party Activities
  • Innovative Condition Assessment of Strategic Aqueducts
  • Study on the Applicability of Currently Used Soil-Pipe Interaction Equations for Segmented Buried Pipelines Subjected to Fault Movement
  • Answering 5 Basic Asset Management Questions for Pre-Stressed Concrete Water Transport Mains
  • Refurbishment of the Vyrnwy Large Diameter Trunk Main
  • Synthesis-Analysis of Water and Wastewater Pipeline Condition Assessment and Renewal Engineering Technologies
  • Effect of Wire Breaks on Prestressed Concrete Cylinder Pipe (PCCP) Reinforced with Steel Liners A Case Study
  • Lessons Learned from the Multi-Year Assessment of the Homestake Transmission Pipeline
  • Locating Water Main Leaks in Texas to Conserve Resources during Times of Drought
  • Estimating Residual Strength of Deteriorated 96" Interceptor and Strength Enhancement Provided by Lining Methods Using Computer Modeling and Forensic Investigation Tools
  • A New Generation of Back-Reamers for HDD Installations in Cohesive and Fine to Medium Coarse Soils
  • Physical Evaluation of the Dissipation of a Concentrated Load When Applied to Reinforced Concrete Pipe
  • CFRP Repair and Strengthening of PCCP for Thrust Restraint
  • Mapping Utility Infrastructure via Underground GPS Positioning with Autonomous Telerobotics
  • WSSC's Systematic Approach to the CFRP Liner Installation Process
  • Santa Fe Irrigation District (SFID) : Group 1 PRS and Valve Replacement Project J921
  • Metropolitan Utilities District of Omaha PCCP Asset Management Advancements
  • Combining CFRP Lining Systems with Other Pipeline Rehabilitation Technologies
  • Upper Feeder and San Gabriel Canyon Valve Structure : Hydraulic Transient Analysis
  • Progress toward a Unified Thrust Restraint Design An Update
  • Design-Build of Wastewater Force-Main in North Bay Village : Lessons Learned from the Design-Build Team's Perspective
  • Two-Step Subsurface Characterization Process for Pipeline Project in Texas
  • Condition Assessment of LWC's B.E. Payne 60" PCCP Pipeline
  • Minden Uses Competitive Bidding with Alternate Pipe Materials on Large Diameter Regional Water System Work
  • HDD Matches Installation Method to Long and Difficult Pipe Crossing in Macon, GA
  • Comparison of Jacking Load Models for Trenchless Pipe Jacking
  • Assessing Sustainability of Pipeline Projects Using Envision Rating System.
Card, Robert J.
Kenny, Michael K.
American Society of Civil Engineers. Pipeline Division.
Available in another form:
CD-ROM version: American Society of Civil Engineers. Pipeline Division. Specialty Conference (2012 : Miami Beach, Fla.). Pipelines 2012. Reston, Va. : American Society of Civil Engineers, c2012 9780784412480 (OCoLC)802322473

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