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The changing Russian university : from state to market / Tatiana Maximova-Mentzoni.


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Maximova-Mentzoni, Tatiana.
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New York : Routledge, 2013.
  • Book
  • xi, 196 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm.
Includes bibliographical references (p. [177]-189) and index.
  • Marketization in focus. Russia in transition, university in change ; Unique context for university marketization ; The Russian university in change ; Status before the major market-oriented transformations ; Status after the major market-oriented transformations ; Focus of the book ; The studied phenomen of marketization ; Why study marketization of the Russian university? ; Outline of the book ; Marketization: uncovering the concept ; What is "marketization"? ; Cowebs of interpretations ; The grounds for understanding marketization ; Marketization of higher education sector: an international perspective ; Origins and nature of marketization ; Features of university marketization ; Pros and cons of marketization ; A new analytical framework to study university marketization ; Methodological issues
  • The Russian university and marketization: highlighting key points. Diffusion of market ideology and its impact on the Russian university ; Studying engagement in marketing actitivies ; Ideological landscape at the Russian university in the beginning of the 1990s ; The Russian university starts earning ; The Russian university intensifies use of marketing practices ; To market, to market!!! : but how??? ; External relations ; The role of the state in university-state relations ; University - industry relationships ; Inter-university relationships of an international nature
  • Missions. To survive ; Simply to serve as a university ; To help getting the first job ; To be engaged in research
  • Internal functioning. Academic structure ; Material resources ; Professional resources ; Student resources
  • Marketization of the Russian university : first lessons. Is "ordered" to survive or the ways in which a particular Russian state university adapts to the market conditions. Marketization and missions of BSTU ; To survive ; Simply to serve as a university ; Understanding the terms ; History of the status change ; To educate ; To be engaged in research ; PhD studies at
  • Voenmeh
  • Student construction technical bureau ; To develop a student's personality ; To help graduates get their first job ; To encourage a particular university "esprit de corps"
  • Marketization and university functioning. Academic structure ; Material resources ; The faculty ; Salary issue ; Employment and age issues ; Students ; Student welfare ; Basic grounding ; Commercial students.
Routledge contemporary Russia and Eastern Europe series ; 42.

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