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Symposium : originalism and living constitutionalism : a symposium on Jack Balkin's Living originalism and David Strauss's The living Constitution.


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Publication date:
Boston : Boston University, School of Law, [2012]
Copyright notice:
  • Book, Conference Proceedings
  • pages 763-1125 ; 26 cm
Title Variation:
Originalism and living constitutionalism
Symposium on Jack Balkin's Living originalism and David Strauss's The living Constitution.
Cover title. Special issue of Boston University law review, volume 92, number 4 (July 2012). Papers from the conference held November 3, 2011 at the Boston University School of Law.
Includes bibliographical references.
  • Panelist papers The roots of the Living Constitution / Jack M. Balkin
  • Can originalism be saved? / David A. Strauss
  • Living originalism and living constitutionalism as moral readings of the American Constitution / James E. Fleming
  • Constitutional and religious redemption : assessing Jack Balkin's call for a "Constitutional Project" / Linda C. McClain
  • Why the "originalism' in Balkin's Living originalism? / Hugh Baxter
  • Dead document walking / Gary Lawson
  • Constitutional principles / David Lyons
  • Common-law constitutionalism, the constitutional common law and the validity of the individual mandate / Abigail R. Moncrieff
  • In medias rex / Larry Yackle
  • Response and colloquy / Jack M. Balkin & David A. Strauss
  • The hidden limits of the charitable deduction : an introduction to hypersalience / Lilian V. Faulhaber.
Boston University. School of Law.
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Boston University law review.

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