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Symposium : regulation of politics.


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Chicago, Illinois : Section of Administrative Law, American Bar Association, [2000]
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  • pages 465-811 ; 23 cm
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Regulation of politics
Special issue of Administrative law review, volume 52, number 2 (2000). Cover title.
Includes bibliographical references.
  • Articles. "Expertness for what?" : the Gould years at the NLRB and the irrepressible myth of the "independent" agency / Joan Flynn
  • Distinguishing legislative rules from interpretative rules / Richard J. Pierce, Jr.
  • Symposium : regulation of politics. Federal Election Commission. Obstacles to effective enforcement of the Federal Election Campaign Act / Scott E. Thomas & Jeffrey H. Bowman
  • "A complicated and indirect encroachment" : is the Federal Election Commission unconstitutionally composed? / Jamin B. Raskin
  • The enforcement blues : formal and informal sanctions for campaign finance violations / Todd Lochner & Bruce E. Cain
  • Campaign finance. Money talks : in defense of a common-sense approach to judicial review of campaign contribution limits / Jeremiah W. (Jay) Nixon & Paul R. Maguffee
  • Campaign contribution limits : pandering to public fears about "big money" and protecting incumbents / D. Bruce La Pierre
  • Two-party system. Pull the plug / Joel Rogers
  • America's two-party system : friend or foe? / David A. Dulio & James A. Thurber.
Washington College of Law.
American Bar Association. Section of Administrative Law and Regulatory Practice.
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