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EU counter-terrorism offences : what impact on national legislation and case-law? / edited by Francesca Galli and Anne Weyembergh.


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English, French. In English and French.
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Brussels, Belgium : Editions de l'Université de Bruxelles, [2012]
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  • Book
  • 317 pages ; 24 cm.
Title Variation:
European Union counter-terrorism offenses
"IEE, Institut d'études européennes."
Includes bibliographical references.
  • Introduction / Francesca Galli and Anne Weyembergh
  • The two Framework Decisions : a critical approach / Sabine Gless
  • Les infractions terroristes en droit pénal francais : Quel impact des décisions-cadres de 2002 et 2008? / Henri Labayle
  • The impact of the Framework Decisions on combating terrorism on counterterrorism legislation and case law in Germany / Martin Böse
  • Italian counter-terrorism legislation : the development of a parallel track ("doppio binario") / Francesca Galli
  • The reform of Spain's antiterrorist criminal law and the 2008 Framework Decision / Manuel Cancio Meliá
  • "No thank you, we've already got one!" : why EU anti-terrorist legislation has made little impact on the law of the UK / John R. Spencer
  • Austrian counter-terrorism legislation and case law / Robert Kert
  • Domestic provisions and case law : the Belgian case / Anne Weyembergh and Laurent Kennes
  • Denmark : criminal law as an anchorage point for proactive anti-terrorism legislation / Jorn Vestergaard
  • Anti-terrorism related criminal law reforms and human rights in Hungary / Katalin Ligeri
  • Impact de l'incrimination de terrorisme sur la cooperation europeenne en matiere de lutte contre le terrorisme / Gilles de Kerchove
  • How far do the new EU counter-terrorism offences facilitate police cooperation? / Roland Genson
  • L'impact du travail de rapprocheinent des legislations en matiere d'infraction de terrorisme dans l'Union europeenne en matiere de lutte contre le terrorisme / Emmanuel Barbe
  • Are we heading towards a European form of "enemy criminal law"? : on the compatibility of Jakobs's conception of "an enemy criminal law" and European criminal law / Stefan Braum
  • Risk prevention by means of criminal law : on the legitimacy of anticipatory offenses in Germany's recently enacted counter-terrorism law / Ulrich Sieber
  • Impact des nouvelles infractions terroristes quant a la qualification de participation a un groupe terroriste et a l'usage d'une preuve secrete devant le tribunal : commentaires d'un avocat / Christophe Marchand
  • Inchoate offences : the sanctioning of an act prior to and irrespective of the commission of any harm / Katja Šugman Stubbs and Francesca Galli.
Galli, Francesca, 1981 August 14- editor of compilation.
Weyembergh, Anne, editor of compilation.
Université libre de Bruxelles. Institut d'études européennes.
Série "Études européennes"
Études européennes (Brussels, Belgium)

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