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Spectral analysis of quantum Hamiltonians : Spectral Days 2010 / Rafael Benguria, Eduardo Friedman, Marius Mantoiu, editors.



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Publication date:
Basel ; New York : Birkhäuser, c2012.
  • Book, Conference Proceedings
  • vi, 338 p. : ill. ; 25 cm.
Includes bibliographical references.
  • Remarks on Sojourn Time Estimates for Periodic Time-dependent Quantum Systems / J. Asch, O. Bourget, V. H. Cortés and C. Fernández
  • Continuity of Spectra in Rieffel's Pseudodifferential Calculus / F. Belmonte and M. Măntoiu
  • Stability of Matter / Rafael D. Benguria
  • On the Regularity of the Hausdorff Distance Between Spectra of Perturbed Magnetic Hamiltonians / Horia D. Cornean and Radu Purice
  • The Topological Bloch-Floquet Transform and Some Applications / G. De Nittis and G. Panati
  • Discrete Schrödinger Operators with Random Alloy-type Potential / Alexander Elgart, Helge Krüger, Martin Tautenhahn and Ivan Veselić
  • Operator Domains and SUSY Breaking in a Model of SUSYQM with a Singular Potential / H. Falomir and P. A. G. Pisani
  • Generalized Euclidean Bosonic String Equations / P. Górka, H. Prado and E. G. Reyes
  • Resonances for ""Large"" Ergodic Systems in One Dimension: A Review / Frédéric Klopp
  • Understanding the Random Displacement Model: From Ground State Properties to Localization / Frédéric Klopp, Michael Loss, Shu Nakamura and Günter Stolz
  • On Limiting Eigenvalue Distribution Theorems in Semiclassical Analysis / Daisy Ojeda-Valencia and Carlos Villegas-Blas
  • On Norm Resolvent and Quadratic Form Convergences in Asymptotic Thin Spatial Waveguides / César R. de Oliveira and Alessandra A. Verri
  • Equilibrium Analysis of a Dissipative Fermion System / Rolando Rebolledo
  • A New Formula Relating Localisation Operators to Time Operators / S. Richard and R. Tiedra de Aldecoa.
Benguria, Rafael D.
Friedman, Eduardo.
Mantoiu, Marius.
Spectral Days 2010 (2010 : Santiago, Chile)
Operator theory, advances and applications ; v. 224.

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