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Mathematical methods in systems, optimization, and control : festschrift in honor of J. William Helton / edited by Harry Dym, Mauricio C. de Oliveira, Mihai Putinar.



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Publication date:
Basel ; New York : Springer, c2012.
  • Book
  • x, 368 p. : ill. ; 24 cm.
Includes bibliographical references.
  • Biographical and personal notes
  • The Carathéodory-Julia theorem and the network realization formula in two variables / J. Agler
  • Nevanlinna-pick interpolation via graph spaces and Kreĭn-space geometery: a survey / J.A. Ball and Q. Fang
  • A brief history of the strong Szegö limit theorem / E. Basor
  • Riccati or square root equation? The semi-separable case / P. Dewilde
  • Spectral inclusion theorems / R.G. Douglas and J. Eschmeier
  • Tutorial on a Nehari problem and related reproducing Kernel spaces / H. Dyn
  • Optimal solutions to matrix-valued Nehari problems and related limit theorems / A.E. Frzho, S. ter Horst and M.A. Kaashoek
  • On theorems of Halmos and Roth / P.A. Fuhrmann and U. Helmke
  • Pfister's theorem fails in the free case / M. Harrison
  • Free analysis, convexity and LMI domains / J.W. Helton, I. Klep and S. McCullough
  • Traces of commutators of integral operators--the aftermath / R. Howe
  • Information states in control theory: from classical to quantum / M.R. James
  • Convex hulls of quadratically parameterized sets with quadratic constraints / J. Nie
  • Computing linear matrix representations of Helton-Vinnikov curves / D. Plaumann, B. Sturmfels and C. Vinzant
  • Positive completion problems over C*-algebras / L. Rodman and H. J. Woerdeman
  • Fractional-order systems and the internal model principle / M. S. Takyar and T.T. Georgiou
  • Optimal mass transport for problems in control, statistical estimation, and image analysis / E. Tannenbaum, T. Georgiou and A. Tannenbaum
  • LMI representations of convex semialgebraic sets and determinantal representations of algebraic hypersurfaces: past, present, and future / V. Vinnikou
  • Some analysable instances of [mu]-synthesis / N.J. Young.
Dym, H. (Harry), 1938-
Oliveira, Mauricio C. de.
Putinar, Mihai, 1955-
Helton, J. William, 1944-
Operator theory, advances and applications ; 222.

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