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A measure of success : the influence of curriculum-based measurement on education / Christine A. Espin ... [et al.].



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Publication date:
Minneapolis : University of Minnesota Press, c2012.
  • Book
  • xiii, 392 p. : ill ; 24 cm.
Includes bibliographical references and index.
  • Curriculum-based measurement: the paradigm, history, and legacy / Joseph R. Jenkins and Lynn S. Fuchs
  • A review of Deno and Mirkin's special education resource teacher (SERT) model: an early effort to reconcile the right to social integration with a need for effective instruction / Douglas Fuchs and Renee Bradley
  • Using curriculum-based measurement to develop educationally meaningful and legally sound individual education programs (IEPS) / Mitchell L. Yell and Todd W. Busch
  • When the "emerging alternative" becomes the standard / John L. Hosp and Michelle K. Hosp
  • School and district-wide implementation of curriculum-based measurement in the Minneapolis public schools / Doug Marston
  • Implementing data-based program modification big ideas / Gary Germann
  • The contribution of curriculum-based measurement to response to intervention: research, policy and school practice / Kim Gibbons and Ann Casey
  • How curriculum-based measures help us detect word recognition problems in first graders / Eric Dion ... [et al.]
  • How progress monitoring research contributed to early intervention for and prevention of reading difficulty / Roland H. Good III ... [et al.]
  • Technological applications of curriculum-based measurement in elementary settings: CBM in the digital age / Erica Lembke, Kristen McMaster, and Pamela M. Stecker
  • Big ideas and core values: the influence of Stanley Deno's work on secondary mathematics progress monitoring / Anne Foegen
  • They're getting older, but are they getting better? the influence of curriculum-based measurement on programming for secondary-school students with learning disabilities / Christine Espin and Heather M. Campbell
  • Curriculum-based measurement at Larue Elementary: they said it couldn't be done! / Amanda Kloo, Charles D. Machesky, and Naomi Zigmond
  • Curriculum-based measurement progress monitoring and the health of general education / Deborah L. Speece
  • Curriculum-based measurement and English language learners: district-wide academic norms for special education eligibility / Steven L. Robinson, Margaret J. Robinson, and Lionel A. Blatchley
  • A tribute to Stanley Deno: curriculum-based measurement for English learners in first grade / Anne W. Graves
  • Extending curriculum-based measurement to assess performance of students with significant cognitive disabilities / Teri Wallace and Renøta Tichø
  • How curriculum-based measurement progress monitoring contributes to the alignment of instruction and state adopted standards and assessments / Greg Roberts, Jeanne Wanzek, and Sharon Vaughn
  • Curriculum-based measures: application with state assessments / Gerald Tindal
  • Curriculum-based measurement, progress monitoring, and state assessments / James G. Shriner and Martha L. Thurlow
  • Stanley Deno's contributions to teacher education scholarship and practice / Paul T. Sindelar, James L. McLeskey, and Mary T. Brownell
  • The impact of curriculum-based measurement on teacher practice / Dana L. Wagner and Barbara J. Scierka
  • Data-based program modification and the launching of careers / Edward S. Shapiro and Francis E. Lentz, Jr
  • School psychology as problem solving / Theodore J. Christ
  • Cognitive processes in reading and the measurement of comprehension / Paul van den Broek and Mary Jane White
  • Current status of curriculum-based measurement in Korea / Dong-il Kim
  • Footprints of curriculum-based measurement in South Korea: past, present, and future / Jongho Shin
  • Expanding the use of curriculum-based measurement: a look at Nicaragua / Sylvia Linan-Thompson
  • The use of curriculum-based measurement maze in Greek: a closer look at what it measures / Panayiota Kendeou and Timothy C. Papadopoulos
  • Conclusion: reflections on the influence of curriculum-based measurement on educational practice and policy and its progenitor / Mark R. Shinn.
Espin, Christine.

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