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South Sudan : from revolution to independence / Matthew LeRiche, Matthew Arnold.


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LeRiche, Matthew.
Publication date:
London : C. Hurst & Co., 2012.
  • Book
  • ix, 313 p., [16] p. of plates : ill. (chiefly col.), maps ; 22 cm.
Includes bibliographical references and index.
  • Introduction : from Southern Sudan to South Sudan. Contested identities and near perpetual war
  • The origins of 'Southern Sudan'
  • Transforming Southern Sudan into South Sudan
  • The purposes of the book
  • The Southern Sudan question : unity or separation? The first civil war : Anya-Nya secessionism ends in unity
  • The second civil war : the SPLA's revolution ends in secession
  • Domineering personalities and conflicted collaboration
  • Conclusion : New Sudan dies; South Sudan is born
  • The golden years of revolution : 1983-1991. The SPLA emerges as the dominant Southern force
  • The SPLA advances, Khartoum turns to Southern proxies
  • The 1991 watershed
  • Conclusion : when golden is relative
  • Years of darkness, serious struggle, negotiations : 1991-2005. The dark years of revolution
  • The SPLA/M's serious struggle to regain the initiative
  • Negotiating the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA)
  • Conclusion : and now the hard part
  • Giving unity a chance : the CPA's interim period, 2005-2011. The implications of Garang's death for the CPA process
  • Relative accommodation and perseverance for the referendum
  • What happened to the Second Republic of New Sudan?
  • Conclusion : persistence pays off
  • Defining the Republic of South Sudan. From region to state : laying the foundations of sovereign governance
  • Keeping it together : confronting the revival of other armed groups
  • The economic situation at independence and development
  • Conclusion
  • The parameters of South Sudan's foreign policy. The two Sudans : South Sudan's relations with Sudan
  • South Sudan's relations with regional neighbours
  • South Sudan's relations with the major powers
  • Conclusion
  • The meaning of liberation in South Sudan. Who owns South Sudan's liberation?
  • What is South Sudanese nationalism?
  • The need for South-South reconciliation
  • Conclusion : the long walk to freedom.
A story of transformation and of victory against the odds, this title reviews South Sudan's modern history as a contested region and assesses the political, social and security dynamics that will shape its immediate future as Africa's newest independent state.
Arnold, Matthew (Political scientist)

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