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What is war? : an investigation in the wake of 9/11 / edited by Mary Ellen O'Connell.


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Publication date:
Leiden ; Boston : Martinus Nijhoff Publishers, 2012.
  • Book
  • xxiv, 495 p. : ill ; 2 5 cm.
Includes bibliographical references and index.
  • Introduction: Defining armed conflict in the decade after 9/11 / Mary Ellen O'Connell
  • Proposal to study the meaning of war in international law (May 2005) / ILA Committee on the Use of Force
  • International law's changing terms : "war" becomes "armed conflict" / Elzbieta Mikos-Skuza
  • The meaning of armed conflict and the Jus ad Bellum / Jutta Brunnee
  • The concept of "armed conflict" in international armed conflict / Masahiko Asada
  • The meaning of armed conflict : non-international armed conflict / Christine Gray
  • Irregular forces and self-defense under the UN Charter / James Gathii
  • United Nations peacekeeping and the meaning of armed conflict / Mary Ellen O'Connell and Ania Kritvus
  • Silence of the laws? : conceptions of international relations and international law in Hobbes, Kant, and Locke / Michael Doyle and Geoffrey Carlson
  • War, crime, and terrorism : distinctions and implications / John Mueller
  • Meaning of war / Michael Rose
  • What is war? / Jeremy Black
  • History and war : the grim record of the past / Williamson Murray
  • The meaning of war / Pamela Constable
  • The semantics of 21st century warfare / James Gordon Meek
  • The precariousness of rules / Thomas Grassey
  • The meaning of war : an ethical analysis of sanctions and humanitarian intervention / Gerard Powers
  • Uganda's "War in the North" : how clashing religious views created an armed conflict, how reconciling them may end it / Todd Whitmore
  • The meaning of war / John Darby
  • What's in a war? : insights from a conflict data program / Peter Wallensteen
  • Initial report of the ILA Use of Force Committee on the definition of armed conflict (2008)
  • Defining armed conflict, the work of the ILA Committee on the Use of Force (2005-2008) / Mary Ellen O'Connell
  • Excerpts from a memo by the chair to the Committee on Submitting the Final Report (June 2010)
  • The ILA Use of Force Committee's final report on the definition of armed conflict in international law (August 2010)
  • Report on the adoption of the committee's final report on the definition of armed conflict (September 2010) / Mary Ellen O'Connell.
O'Connell, Mary Ellen, 1958-
International humanitarian law series, 1389-6776 ; v. 37
International humanitarian law series ; v. 37.

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