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The Oxford history of Western music / Richard Taruskin, Christopher H. Gibbs.


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Taruskin, Richard.
Publication date:
College ed. - New York : Oxford University Press, c2013.
  • Book
  • xxxiii, 1,212 p. : ill., music ; 27 cm.
Title Variation:
History of Western music
Western music
Includes bibliographical references (p. 1161-1168) and index.
  • The first literate repertory in Western music : Gregorian chant
  • Secular and cathedral music in the High Middle Ages
  • The Ars nova : musical developments in the fourteenth century
  • Island and mainland : toward a Pan-European style
  • A perfected art : church polyphony in the late fifteenth and sixteenth centuries
  • After perfection : pressures for change
  • Humanism and the birth of opera
  • Music travels : trends in Italy, Germany, France, and England
  • The height of Italian dominance : opera seria and the Italian concerto style
  • Class of 1685 (I) : the instrumental music of Bach and Handel
  • Class of 1685 (II) : the vocal music of Handel and Bach
  • Mid-eighteenth-century stylistic changes : from Bach's sons to the comic style
  • Concert life lifts off : Haydn
  • The composer's voice : Mozart
  • The emergence of romanticism
  • Beethoven
  • Opera in the age of Rossini, Bellini, Donizetti, and Weber
  • Private art : Schubert and inwardness
  • Romantic spectacles : from virtuosos to grand opera
  • Literary musicians
  • Music imported and exported
  • Musical politics at mid-century : historicism and the New German School
  • Class of 1813 : Wagner and Verdi
  • Slavic harmony and disharmony
  • The musical museum and the return of the symphony
  • Dramatic alternatives : exoticism, operetta, and verismo
  • Early Austro-German modernism : Mahler, Strauss, and Schoenberg
  • Modernism in France
  • National monuments
  • Neoclassicism and 12-tone music
  • Interwar currents : the roaring twenties
  • Music and totalitarianism in the Soviet Union and Western Europe
  • Music and politics in America and Allied Europe
  • Starting from scratch : music in the aftermath of World War II
  • Changes in the sixties and seventies.
Gibbs, Christopher Howard.

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