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Inequalities and applications 2010 : dedicated to the memory of Wolfgang Walter / Catherine Bandle ... [et al.], editors.


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Publication date:
Basel ; London : Springer, c2012.
  • Book, Conference Proceedings
  • lxx, 273 p. : ill ; 25 cm.
Includes bibliographical references.
  • Part 1. Boundary Value Problems
  • Domain Derivatives for Energy Functionals with Boundary Integrals / Catherine Bandle and Alfred Wagner
  • The Asymptotic Shape of a Boundary Layer of Symmetric Willmore Surfaces of Revolution / Hans-Christoph Grunau
  • A Computer-Assisted Uniqueness Proof for a Semilinear Elliptic Boundary Value Problem / Patrick J. McKenna, Filomena Pacella, Michael Plum and Dagmar Roth
  • Green Function Estimates Lead to Neumann Function Estimates / Guido Sweers
  • Part 2. Numerical Methods
  • Deriving Inequalities in the Laguerre-Pólya Class from Properties of Half-Plane Mappings / Prashant Batra
  • Fundamental Error Estimate Inequalities for the Tikhonov Regularization Using Reproducing Kernels / Luís P. Castro, Hiroshi Fujiwara, Saburou Saitoh, Yoshihiro Sawano and Akira Yamada, et al.
  • On the Approximation-Error of Some Numerical Methods for Obtaining the Optimal Deformable Model / Paulina Mitrea, Octavian Mircia Gurzău and Alexandru Ioan Mitrea
  • Part 3. Geometric and Norm Inequalities
  • The Longest Shortest Piercing / Bernd Kawohl and Vasilii V. Kurta
  • On a Continuous Mapping and Sharp Triangle Inequalities / Tomoyoshi Ohwada
  • A Dunkl-Williams Inequality and the Generalized Operator Version / Kichi-Suke Saito and Masaru Tominaga
  • Part 4. Generalized Convexity
  • Jordan Type Representation of Functions with Generalized High Order Bounded Variation / Gabriela Cristescu
  • On Vector Hermite-Hadamard Differences Controlled by Their Scalar Counterparts / Roman Ger and Josip Pečarić
  • Functions Generating Strongly Schur-Convex Sums / Kazimierz Nikodem, Teresa Rajba and Szymon Wąsowicz
  • Strongly Convex Sequences / Jacek Tabor, Józef Tabor and Marek Żołdak
  • Part 5. Convexity and Related Inequalities
  • Refinement of Inequalities Related to Convexity via Superquadracity, Weaksuperquadracity and Superterzacity / Shoshana Abramovich, Slavica Ivelić and Josip Pečarić
  • On Two Different Concepts of Subquadraticity / Attila Gilányi, Csaba Gábor Kézi and Katarzyna Troczka-Pawelec
  • Connections Between the Jensen and the Chebychev Functionals / Flavia Corina Mitroi
  • Part 6. Other Equations and Inequalities
  • Functional Inequalities and Equivalences of Some Estimates / Włodzimierz Fechner
  • On Measurable Functions Satisfying Multiplicative Type Functional Equations Almost Everywhere / Antal Járai, Károly Lajkó and Fruzsina Mészáros
  • On the L1 Norm of the Weighted Maximal Function of Walsh-Marcinkiewicz Kernels / Károly Nagy
  • Quasimonotonicity as a Tool for Differential and Functional Inequalities / Peter Volkmann.
Bandle, Catherine, 1943-
International series of numerical mathematics ; v. 161.

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