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A companion to American literary studies / edited by Caroline F. Levander and Robert S. Levine.


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Publication date:
Malden, MA : John Wiley & Sons, 2011.
  • Book
  • xv, 576 p. ; 26 cm.
Title Variation:
American literary studies
Includes bibliographical references and index.
  • Poetry, prose and the politics of literary form / Russ Castronovo
  • The critical work of American literature / Joel Pfister
  • Women's worlds in the nineteenth-century US novel / Shirley Samuels
  • The secularization narrative and nineteenth-century American literature / Elizabeth Fenton
  • Literatures of technology, technologies of literature / Paul Gilmore
  • Excluded middles : social inequality in American literature / Gavin Jones
  • Narrative medicine, biocultures and the visualization of health and disease / Kirsten Ostherr
  • Performance anxieties : the a-literary companions of American literary studies / Catherine Gunther Kodat
  • Drama, theatre and performance before O'Neill / Jeffrey H. Richards
  • Disliking it : American poetry and American literary studies / Mary Loeffelholz
  • After the new Americanists : the progress of romance and the romance of progress in American literary studies / Jennifer L. Fleissner
  • Mass media and literary culture at the turn of the twentieth century / Nancy Bentley
  • Cabeza de Vaca, Lope de Oviedo and Americas exceptionalism / Anna Brickhouse
  • Worlding America : the hemispheric text-network / Susan Gillman and Kirsten Silva Gruesz
  • Worlds of color, gender, sexuality and labor in early American literary history / Michelle Stephens
  • Transatlantic returne / Elisa Tamarkin
  • American literature in transnational perspective : the case of Mark Twain / Shelley Fisher Fishkin
  • Southern literary studies / John T. Matthews
  • New regionalism : US-Caribbean literary relations / Sean X. Goudie
  • American literarure as ecosystem : the examples of Euclides da Cunha and Cormac McCarthy / George B. Handley
  • Settler states of feeling : national belonging and the erasure of Native American presence / Mark Rifkin
  • Tribal nations and the other territories of American Indian literary history / James H. Cox
  • Globalization / Paul Giles
  • Democratic cultures and the first century of US literature / Dana D. Nelson
  • American literature and law / Brook Thomas
  • Sexuality and American literary studies / Christopher Looby
  • Exquisite fragility : human being in the aftermath of war / Priscilla Wald
  • The posthuman turn : rewriting species in recent American literature / Ursula K. Heise
  • Narrative and intellectual disability / Michael Berube
  • Reading for Asian American literature / Colleen Lye
  • Untangling genealogy's tangled skeins : Alexander Crummell, James McCune Smith and nineteenth-century Black literary traditions / Carla L. Peterson
  • Speculative realism and the postrace aesthetic in contemporary American fiction / Ramon Saldivar
  • The new life of the new forms : American literary studies and the digital humanities / Matt Cohen.
Levander, Caroline Field, 1964-
Levine, Robert S. (Robert Steven), 1953-
Blackwell companions to literature and culture ; 78.

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