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Handbook of the history of social psychology / edited by Arie W. Kruglanski and Wolfgang Stroebe.


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Publication date:
New York : Psychology Press, 2012.
  • Book
  • xii, 532 p. : ill. ; 29 cm.
Includes bibliographical references and index.
  • Introduction. Making of social psychology / Arie W. Kruglanski, Wolfgang Stroebe
  • Importance of history to social psychology / Jill Morawski
  • Approaches. Emergence of cognitive social psychology : a historical analysis / Denis Hilton
  • History of social cognition / Michael S. North, Susan T. Fiske
  • History of evolutionary social psychology / Douglas T. Kenrick, Adam B. Cohen
  • History of social neuroscience / John T. Cacioppo, Gary G. Bernston, Jean Decety
  • Social dimension of social psychology : a historical analysis / Kenneth J. Gergen
  • Evolution of research methodologies in social psychology : a historical analysis / William D. Crano, Andrew Lac
  • Domains of inquiry. History of affect and emotion research in social psychology / Antony S.R. Manstead
  • Motivation science in social psychology : a tale of two histories / E. Tory Higgins
  • History of social judgment research / J. Richard Eiser
  • History of prosocial behavior research / C. Daniel Batson
  • History of social psychological research on aggression / Leonard Berkowitz
  • History of attitudes and persuasion research / Pablo Briñol, Richard E. Petty
  • History of social influence research / Radmila Prislin, William D. Crano
  • History of interdependence : theory and research / Paul A.M. Van Lange
  • History of relationship research in social psychology / Harry T. Reis
  • History of small group research / John M. Levine, Richard L. Moreland
  • History of intergroup relations research / John F. Dovidio, Anna-Kaisa Newheiser, Jacques-Philippe Leyens
  • History of social conflict and negotiation research / Dean G. Pruitt
  • History of justice and morality research / Tom R. Tyler
  • History of social psychological research on gender / Monica Biernat, Kay Deaux
  • History of culture in psychology / Yoshihisa Kashima, Michele J. Gelfand.
"This is the first ever handbook to comprehensively cover the historical development of the field of social psychology, including the main overarching approaches and all the major individual topics. Contributors are all world renowned scientists in their subfields who engagingly describe the people, dynamics, and events that have shaped the discipline"--Provided by publisher.
Kruglanski, Arie W.
Stroebe, Wolfgang.

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