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Complex macromolecular architectures [electronic resource] : synthesis, characterization, and self-assembly / Nikos Hadjichristidis ... [et al.].



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Publication date:
Hoboken, N.J. : Wiley, 2011.
  • Book
  • 1 online resource (xxiii, 832 p.) : ill.
Includes bibliographical references and index.
  • Synthesis. Cyclic and multicyclic topological polymers / Takuya Yamamoto and Yasuyuki Tezuka
  • Ultrarapid approaches to mild macromolecular conjugation / Andrew J. Inglis and Christopher Barner-Kowollik
  • Synthesis and self-assembly of hydrogen-bonded supramolecular polymers / Wolfgang H. Binder, Claudia Enders, Florian Herbst, and Katharina Hackethal
  • Recent synthetic developments in miktoarm star polymers with more than three different arms / Akira Hirao, Mayumi Hayashi, Tomoya Higashihara, and Nikos Hadjichristidis
  • Precise synthesis of dendrimer-like star-branched polymers, a new class of well-defined hyperbranched polymers / Hee-Soo Yoo and Akira Hirao
  • Arborescent polymers with a mesoscopic scale / Toufic Nabil Aridi and Mario Gauthier
  • Hyperbranched glyco-conjugated polymers / Toshifumi Satoh and Toyoji Kakuchi
  • Highly branched functional polymer architectures by click-chemistrystrategies / Mieke Lammens and Filip Du Prez
  • Living alkene polymerization for polyolefin architectures / Amelia M. Anderson-Wile, Joseph B. Edson and Geoffrey W Coates
  • Precision polyolefins / Erik B. Berda and Kenneth B. Wagener
  • Polyhomologation: the living polymerization of ylides / Jun Luo and Kenneth J. Shea
  • Phenylenevinylene homopolymers and block copolymers via ring-opening metathesis polymerization / Chin-Yang Yu and Michael L. Turner
  • Block copolymers containing rod segments / Tomoya Higashihara and Mitsuru Ueda
  • Synthesis of well-defined poly(meth)acrylamides with varied stereoregularity by living anionic polymerization / Takashi Ishizone
  • Complex macromolecular / Hermis Iatrou, Marinos Pitsikalis, Georgios Sakellariou and Nikos Hadjichristidis
  • Characterization and self-assembly. Self-Assembly and applications of polyferrocenylsilane block copolymers / George R. Whittell, Jessica Gwyther, David A Rider and Ian Manners
  • Functional polymeric nanostructures prepared by self-assembly and beyond / Rachel K. O'Reilly
  • Morphologies of block and star-branched polymers with threecomponents / Hirokazu Hasegawa
  • Morphologies and photophysical properties of conjugated rod-coil block copolymers / Chi-Ching Kuo, Cheng-Liang Liu and Wen-Chang Chen
  • Bulk self-assembly of linear hybrid polypeptide-based diblock and triblock copolymers / S√©bastien Lecommandoux
  • AFM study of comb (co)polymers with complex chain architecture / Michel Schappacher and Alain Deffieux
  • Tunable thermoresponsive polymers by molecular design / Richard Hoogenboom
  • Fluorine-containing block copolymers: synthesis and application as a template for nanocellular and porous structures using supercritical carbon dioxide / Hideaki Yokoyama and Kenji Sugiyama
  • Architectural polymers, nanostructures, and hierarchical structures from block copolymers / Ian Wyman and Guojun Liu
  • Block copolymer nanostructured thin films for advanced patterning / Michelle A. Chavis, Evan L. Schwartz and Christopher K. Ober
  • Ring polymers: effective isolation and unique properties / Haskell W. Beckham
  • Index.
"Despite very active research activities in the field of CMA, there lacks a simple-to-read book for researchers and students interested in these new developments. In each chapter, current progress in the area of the synthesis, characterization, and self-assemblies of well-defined complex macromolecular architectures is reviewed by each contributor with relevant emphasis on their research topics. The architectural polymers include bio-conjugated hybrid polymers with poly( -amino acid)s and gluco-polymers, star-branched and dendrimer-like hyperbranched polymers, cyclic polymers, dendrigraft polymers, rod-coil and helix-coil block copolymers are introduced chapter by chapter in the book. In particular, the book also emphasizes the topic of synthetic breakthroughs by living/controlled polymerization since 2000. Newly developed concepts and procedures, such as "Click" chemistry, chain walking, polyhomologation and ADMET are also highlighted. Furthermore, renowned authors contribute on such special topics as helical polyisocyanates, metallopolymers, stereospecific polymers, hydrogen-bonded supramolecular polymers, conjugated polymers, and polyrotaxanes, which have attracted considerable interest as novel polymer materials with potential future applications. In addition, recent advances in reactive blending achieved with well-defined end-functionalized polymers is discussed from an industrial point of view. Moreover, topics on polymer-based nanotechnologies, including self-assembled architectures and suprastructures, nano-structured materials and devices, nanofabrication, surface nanostructures, and their AFM imaging analysis of hetero-phased polymers are included"-- Provided by publisher. "In particular, the book also emphasizes the topic of synthetic breakthroughs by living/controlled polymerization since 2000"-- Provided by publisher.
Hadjichristidis, Nikos, 1943-
Available in another form:
Print version: Complex macromolecular architectures. Hoboken, N.J. : Wiley, 2011 9780470825136 (DLC) 2010053511 (OCoLC)664666811

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