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Constrained optimization and optimal control for partial differential equations / Günter Leugering ... [et al.], editors.


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Publication date:
Basel ; New York : Birkhäuser, c2012.
  • Book
  • xi, 622 p. : ill. (some col.) ; 25 cm.
Includes bibliographical references.
  • Constrained optimization, identification and control: Stabilization of incompressible flow problems / E. Bänsch and P. Benner. Allen-Cahn and Cahn-Hilliard variational inequalities solved with optimization techniques / L. Blank ... [et al.]. On the connection between forward and optimization problem in one-shot one-step methods / H.G. Bock ... [et al.]. Generalized multilevel SQP-methods for PDAE-constrained optimization based on space-time adaptive PDAE solvers / D. Clever ... [et al.]. Projection based model reduction for optimal design of the time-dependent Stokes system / T. Franke ... [et al.]. Automated extension of fixed point PDE solvers for optimal design with bounded retardation / N Gauger ... [et al.]. Well-posedness of networked hyperbolic systems of balance laws / M. Gugat ... [et al.]. A space-time multigrid method for optimal flow control / M. Hinze, M. Köster and St. Turek. A globalized semi-smooth Newton methods for variational discretization of control constrained elliptic optimal control problems / M. Hinze and M. Vierling. Structure exploiting adjoints for finite element discretizations / D. Holfeld, Ph. Stumm and A. Walther. Computing covariance matrices for constrained nonlinear large scale parameter estimation problems using Krylov subspace methods / E. Kostina and O. Kostyukova
  • Shape and topology optimization: On shape optimization with stochastic loadings / P. Atwal ... [et al.]. Phase-field approaches to structural topology optimization / L. Blank ... [et al.]. Advanced numerical methods for PDE constrained optimization with application to optimal design in Navier Stokes flow / C. Brandenburg ... [et al.]. Shape optimization for free boundary problems : analysis and numerics / K. Eppler and H. Harbrecht. Non-parametric aerodynamic shape optimization / N. Gauger ... [et al.]
  • Model reduction: A posteriori error representations for elliptic optimal control problems with control and state constraints / A. Günther, M. Hinze and M.H. Tber. Adaptive space-time finite element methods for parabolic optimization problems / D. Meidner and B. Vexler. A posteriori error estimation in PDE-constrained optimization with pointwise inequality constraints / R. Rannacher, B. Vexler and W. Wollner
  • Discretization : concepts and analysis: A priori mesh grading for distributed optimal control problems / T. Apel and D. Sirch. Discretization of optimal control problems / M. Hinze and A. Rösch. A posteriori error estimators for control constrained optimal control problems / K. Kohls, A. Rösch and K.G. Siebert. A priori error estimates for space-time finite element discretization of parabolic optimal control problems / D. Meidner and B. Vexler. Numerical analysis of state-constrained optimal control problems for PDEs / I. Neitzel and F. Tröltzsch
  • Applications: Modeling, simulation and optimization of radio frequency ablation / I. Altrogge ... [et al.]. Optimization of electro-mechanical Smart structures / E. Bänsch ... [et al.]. Freezing of living cells : mathematical models and design of optimal cooling protocols / N.D. Botkins, K.-H. Hoffmann and V.L. Turova. Model reduction, structure-property relations and optimization techniques for the production of nanoscale particles / M. Gröschel, G. Leugering and W. Peukert. Control of nanostructures through electric fields and related free boundary problems / F. Hausser, S. Janssen and A. Voigt. Optimization of simulated moving bed processes / A. Küpper and S. Engell. Optimization and inverse problems in radiative heat transfer / R. Pinnau and N. Siedow. On the influence of constitutive models on shape optimization for artificial blood pumps / M. Probst ... [et al.].
Leugering, Günter, 1953-
International series of numerical mathematics ; v. 160.

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