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School curriculum and the challenges of contemporary Nigeria / edited by James O. Balogun ... [et al].


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Publication date:
Pankshin, Plateau State, Nigeria : Academic Trust Fund, Federal Collge of Education, 2011.
  • Book
  • xiii, 299 p. ; 20 cm.
Includes bibliographical references.
  • Impacts of Nigeria's school curriculum on national development / S.M.D. Fwang'le
  • The school curriculum and nation building / A.N. Dashen
  • Implementing the developed curriculum for effective guidance and counseling practice in tertiary institutions in Nigeria / Damian Z. Rimfat & Rosaline T. Sekuk
  • Pedagagical value of folktales in early childhood/primary education in Nigeria : the USO NAI OHA example / James O. Balogun & Josephine O. Balogun
  • Increase in enrolment in tertiary educational institutions and curriculum implementation in Nigeria / Jere Ndazagha
  • Reading strategies for the visually challenged in Nigeria / Ebuara, Emmanuel Ushie
  • The development of personal and social values and skills as a challenge in the contemporary Nigeria : the role of social studies teacher / Sunday Jacob
  • The teaching of Christian religious studies in primary school and its challenges in contemporary Nigeria / Kumtong S.D. Repson
  • Moral and religious education for peace in higher institutions of learning : implication for curriculum planning and implementation / Abdullahi Adamu Sulaiman & Umar Aliyu
  • Population and family-life education (POP/FLE) and the challenges of overpopulation crisis in the contemporary Nigerian society / C.C. Okam & I. Okezie
  • Integrating the national economic empowerment and development strategies (NEEDS) into the Nigerian educational curricula / Isa Adamu U.
  • The effect of teachers' use of instructional resource in the teaching/learning of history in Nigerian schools / Ukpanupong, Richard A.
  • Towards effective development of reading readiness curriculum for the pre-school child / Milaham, Samuel; Dahel, Felix B. & Obadiah, Alexander G.
  • Reviewing Hausa as a second language (L2) curriculum for pre-NCE students in college of education / Ladan Chado
  • The Yoruba second language L2 curriculum in colleges of education and the fulfillment of its corresponding national aspirations / Odewumi A. Olatunde
  • The science curriculum : a shift in emphasis / Emmanuel D. Mwanse, Michael A. Awuya and Moha'd D. Dung
  • The school mathematics curriculum and the challenges of the contemporary Nigeria / Dangpe, A.K.D.; Dikop, M.D.; Dunshik, B.D. & Yilji, C.D.
  • Internet : a tool for the enhancement of teaching and learning in tertiary education institutions in Nigeria / Chaka J.G.
  • Extent of manipulative acquisition by agricultural science students : implications for teacher education curriculum planning / Uduma M.K.
  • Vocational and technical education curriculum in Nigeria and the challenges of the contemporary Nigeria / Gukas H. Joel
  • The reality of agricultural curriculum under the senior secondary system of education / Zaka N. Tali and Iliya Goyit
  • Technical and vocational education (TVE) in national development / Edward H. Kpanja & Chuga Ezekiel Ishaya
  • NCE vocational agricultural education curricula in Nigeria : an appraisal / Danlami Dafur Datom
  • Exploring local storage technologies for sustainable food distribution and maintaining environment hygiene / Umoh-Mac
  • Technical education curriculum : a critique / Robert O. Okwori.
Balogun, James Ogboayanni.
Jacob, Sunday.
Ndazhaga, Jere.
Odewumi, Olatunde A.

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