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Randomness through computation : some answers, more questions / editor, Hector Zenil.



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Publication date:
New Jersey : World Scientific, c2011.
  • Book
  • xviii, 419 p. : ill., ports. ; 24 cm.
Includes bibliographical references and indexes.
  • Is randomness necessary? / R. Graham
  • Probability is a lot of logic at once : if you don't know which one to pick, take 'em all / T. Toffoli
  • Statistical testing of randomness : new and old procedures / A.L. Rukhin
  • Scatter and regularity imply Benford's law... and more / N. Gauvrit, J.-P. Delahaye
  • Some bridging results and challenges in classical, quantum and computational randomness / G. Longo, C. Palamidessi, T. Paul
  • Metaphysics, metamathematics and metabiology / G. Chaitin
  • Uncertainty in physics and computation / M.A. Stay
  • Indeterminism and randomness through physics / K. Svozil
  • The Martin-Löf-Chaitin thesis : the identification by recursion theory of the mathematical notion of random sequence / J.-P. Delahaye
  • The road to intrinsic randomness / S. Wolfram
  • Algorithmic probability : its discovery, it's properties and application to strong AI / R.J. Solomonoff
  • Algorithmic randomness as foundation of inductive reasoning and artificial intelligence / M. Hutter
  • Randomness, Occam's razor, AI, creativity and digital physics / J. Schmidhuber
  • Randomness everywhere : my path to algorithmic information theory / C.S. Calude
  • The impact of algorithmic information theory on our current views on complexity, randomness, information and prediction / P. Gács
  • Randomness, computability and information / J.S. Miller
  • Studying randomness through computation / A. Nies
  • Computability, algorithmic randomness and complexity / R.G. Downey
  • Is randomness native to computer science? Ten years after / M. Ferbus-Zanda, S. Grigorieff
  • Randomness as circuit complexity (and the connection to pseudorandomness) / E. Allender
  • Randomness : a tool for constructing and analyzing computer programs / A. Kuc̆era
  • Connecting randomness to computation / M. Li
  • From error-correcting codes to algorithmic informational theory / L. Staiger
  • Randomness in algorithms / O. Watanabe
  • Is the universe random? / C.S. Calude, J.L. Casti, G.J. Chaitin, P.C.W. Davies, K. Svozil, S. Wolfram
  • What is computation? (How) Does nature computer? / C.S. Calude, G.J. Chaitin, E. Fredkin, A.J. Leggett, R. de Ruyter, T. Toffoli, S. Wolfram.
Zenil, Hector.

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