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Modern heterocyclic chemistry [electronic resource] / edited by Julio Alvarez-Builla, Juan Jose Vaquero, and José Barluenga.



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Publication date:
Weinheim : Wiley-VCH Verlag & Co., 2011.
  • Book
  • 1 online resource (4 v.) : ill.
Includes bibliographical references and index.
  • v. 1. Heterocyclic Compounds: An Introduction / Julio Alvárez-Builla and José Barluenga
  • Three-Membered Heterocycles. Structure and Reactivity / S. Shaun Murphree
  • Four-Membered Heterocycles: Structure and Reactivity / Gérard Rousseau and Sylvie Robin
  • Five-Membered Heterocycles: Pyrrole and Related Systems / Jan Bergman and Tomasz Janosik
  • Five-Membered Heterocycles: Indole and Related Systems / José Barluenga and Carlos Valdés
  • Five-Membered Heterocycles: Furan / Henry N C Wong, Xue-Long Hou, Kap-Sun Yeung, and Hui Huang
  • Five-Membered Heterocycles: Benzofuran and Related Systems / Jie Wu
  • v. 2. Five-Membered Heterocycles: 1,2-Azoles. Part 1. Pyrazoles / José Elguero, Artur M.S. Silva, and Augusto C. Tomé
  • Five-Membered Heterocycles: 1,2-Azoles. Part 2. Isoxazoles and Isothiazoles / Artur M.S. Silva, Augusto C. Tomé, Teresa M.V.D. Pinho e Melo, and José Elguero
  • Five-Membered Heterocycles: 1,3-Azoles / Julia Revuelta, Fabrizio Machetti, and Stefano Cicchi
  • Five-Membered Heterocycles with Two Heteroatoms: O and S Derivatives / David J Wilkins
  • Five-Membered Heterocycles with Three Heteroatoms: Triazoles / Larry Yet
  • Oxadiazoles / Giovanni Romeo and Ugo Chiacchio
  • v. 3. Thiadiazoles / Ugo Chiacchio and Giovanni Romeo
  • Five-Membered Heterocycles with Four Heteroatoms: Tetrazoles / Ulhas Bhatt
  • Six-Membered Heterocycles: Pyridines / Concepción Gonzalez-Bello and Luis Castedo
  • Six-Membered Heterocycles: Quinoline and Isoquinoline / Ramón Alajarín and Carolina Burgos
  • Six-Membered Rings with One Oxygen: Pyrylium Ion, Related Systems and Benzo-Derivatives / Javier Santamaría and Carlos Valdés
  • Six-Membered Heterocycles: 1,2-, 1,3-, and 1,4-Diazines and Related Systems / María-Paz Cabal
  • Six-Membered Heterocycles: Triazines, Tetrazines and Other Polyaza Systems / Cristina Gómez de la Oliva, Pilar Goya Laza, and Carmen Ochoa de Ocariz
  • v. 4. Seven-Membered Heterocycles: Azepines, Benzo Derivatives and Related Systems / Juan J. Vaquero, Ana M. Cuadro, and Bernardo Herradón
  • Heterocycles Containing a Ring-Junction Nitrogen / Juan J. Vaquero and Julio Alvarez-Builla
  • Phosphorus Heterocycles / François Mathey
  • The Chemistry of 2-Azetidinones ( [beta]-Lactams) / Benito Alcaide, Pedro Almendros, and Amparo Luna
  • The Chemistry of Benzodiazepines / Carlos Valdés and Miguel Bayod
  • Porphyrins: Syntheses and Reactions / Venkataramanarao G. Anand, Alagar Srinivasan, and Tavarekere K. Chandrashekar
  • New Materials Derived from Heterocyclic Systems / Javier Santamaría, José L. García-Álvarez
  • Solid Phase and Combinatorial Chemistry in the Heterocyclic Field / José M. Villalgordo.
Alvarez-Builla, Julio.
Vaquero, Juan Jose.
Barluenga, José.

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