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Color struck : essays on race and ethnicity in global perspective / Julius O. Adekunle and Hettie V. Williams.


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Adekunle, Julius.
Publication date:
Lanham, Md. : University Press of America, c2010.
  • Book
  • viii, 506 p. : ill. ; 23 cm.
Includes bibliographical references and index.
  • Race, science, and human origins in Africa / Julius O. Adekunle
  • Race and the rise of the Swahili culture / Julius O. Adekunle
  • 'Caste'-[ing] gender : caste and patriarchy in ancient Hindu jurisprudence / Indira Jalli
  • Comparative race and slavery in Islam, Judaism and Christianity : texts, practices, and current implications / Magid Shihade
  • The dark craven Jew : race and religion in medieval Europe / James M. Thomas
  • Growth of the Atlantic slave trade : racial slavery in the new world / Kwaku Owei-Tutu
  • The yellow lady : mulatto women in the Suriname plantocracy / Hilde Neus
  • Critical mixed race studies : new approaches to resistance and social justice / Andrew Jolivétte
  • Militant multiraciality : rejecting race and rejecting the conveniences of complicity / Ranier Spencer
  • Whiteness reconstructed : multiracial identity as a category of "new white" / Kerry Ann Rockquemore and David L. Brunsma
  • Conversations in black and white : the limitations of binary thinking about race in America / Johanna E. Foster
  • The necessity of a multiracial category in a race-conscious society / Francis Wardle
  • Mixed race terminologies in the Americas : globalizing the Creole in the twenty first century / DeMond S. Miller, Jason D. Rivera, and Joel C. Yelin
  • Examining the regional and multigenerational context of Creole and American Indian identity / Andrew Jolivétte
  • Race, class, and power : the politics of multiraciality in Brazil / G. Reginald Daniel and Gary L. Haddow
  • All mixed up : a new racial commonsense in global perspective / G. Reginald Daniel and Gary L. Haddow
  • Black no more : African Americans and the 'new' race science / Hettie V. Williams
  • Contesting identities of color : African female immigrants in the Americas / Philomina Okeke-Ihejirika
  • Burdened intersections : black women and race, gender, and class / Marsha J. Tyson Darling
  • Ethinc conflicts in the Middle East : a comparative analysis of communal violence within the matrix of the colonial legacy, globalization, and global stability / Magid Shihade
  • Ethnic identity in China : the politics of cultural difference / Dru C. Gladney
  • Shangri-la has forsaken us : China's ethinc minorities, identity, and government repression / Reza Hasmath
  • The Russian/Chechen conflict and its consequences / Mariana Tepfenhart.
Williams, Hettie V.

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