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Stanford Oral History Project interviews, 1971-1995.



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Corporate Author:
Stanford Historical Society.
Earliest date:
Latest date:
  • Manuscript/Archive
  • 4 linear feet (318 audiocassettes)
The materials are open for research use.
The oral history interviews in the SOHP collection are carefully planned historical documents which we hope will serve a wide range of scholarly interests. Five additional sets of oral history interviews are listed separately: a set of interviews with members of the early Aurora newspaper collection; a set of interviews with participants in Stanford's Community Committee for International Students (CCIS); a set of interviews conducted by Joan Bromberg of the American Institute of Physics for the Laser History Project; a set of interviews with graduates of the Stanford School of Nursing; a set of interviews with Stanford-associated "Silicon Valley" scientists (a component of the Stanford and the Silicon Valley Project); and a set of interviews with family and friends of Dr. Reid Newell, professor in the School of Medicine.
The Stanford Oral History Project (SOHP), a joint effort of the Stanford University Archives and the Stanford Historical Society, began in 1978 as an extension of their efforts to collect, preserve and make available to researchers the historical record of the Stanford University community.
Abramowitz, Carrie.
Abrams, Herbert L.
Almond, Dorothea.
Alway, Robert.
Anderson, Reid.
Angell, Thomas.
Applewhite, Liat.
Ashley, Celeste.
Bacon, Harold.
Bacon, Rosamund.
Baer, Carolyn.
Bailey, Thomas Andrew, 1902-1983.
Bancroft, Kim.
Barclay, Thomas Swain, 1894-
Bark, Eleanor.
Blake, Marilyn.
Bliss, James.
Botsford, Margaret.
Bowes, Ruth Garland.
Boyd, Harold.
Brandin, Alf.
Bretall, Norah.
Brown, Phyllis.
Carley, Lucille O.
Ceideberg, Holly.
Chandler, Loren Roscoe ("Yank")
Clark, Esther Bridgeman.
Cline, Laura.
Cohen, Stanley N.
Colby, Edward E. (Edward Eugene)
Craig, Phyllis H.
Crosten, William L. (William Loran), 1909-2001.
Crowell, Peggy.
Davis, Margo.
Davis, Paul H.
Deal, Bruce E.
Demoit, Debby.
Denhard, Alice.
Dodds, Marjorie.
Dutton, Dorothea.
Dwight, Herbert Mcgilvray.
Edgar, Jean.
Engelbart, D. C., 1925-2013
Farnsworth, Paul.
Fischel, Eleanor.
Fishman, Joshua.
Freeman, Szebelski ("Sibby")
Gibson, Helen.
Gillingham, Jane.
Ginzton, Edward.
Goff, Harry.
Goff, Kay.
Goheen, John.
Goldsborough, John.
Gonzales, Leenda.
Green, Cecil H.
Grundt, Carolyn.
Guthrie, Luell Weed.
Hall, Harvey.
Hall, Marion Dwight.
Hänsch, Theodor.
Hansen, Ralph Waldemar.
Harder, Virginia Bennett.
Hargadon, Fred.
Harwood, Lee.
Hastorf, Barbara.
Haswell, Roka.
Hawes, Josephine.
Hewlett, William R.
Hobart, J.
Hofstadter, Robert, 1915-1990.
Howard, Mildred Dye.
Jacobson, David S.
Jahns, Richard H.
Jensen, Margaret.
Jessup, R. Bruce.
Johnson, Melba Beard.
Johnson, Olivia.
Johnston, Beatrice.
Kaplan, Leah.
Keen, Myra.
Keesling, Francis V.
Kendrick, Betty Roth.
Keohane, Nannerl O., 1940-
Kershaw, Henrietta.
Keyes, Pat.
Krauskopf, Konrad.
Krebs, Ruby.
Lane, Joane.
Leu, Anna Jagels.
Levison, Robert Mark, 1899-
Lewis, Janet.
Linvill, John G.
Manson, Clara.
Mellott, Annette.
Mendelowitz, Daniel Marcus.
Mercer, Michelle.
Merriman, Sue.
Millar, Kay.
Mitchell, Sidney.
Murphy, Michael H.
Newell, Alan.
Norman, Ruth, 1900-
Nunan, Craig.
Packard, Martin E.
Page, Virginia.
Proctor, Elizabeth.
Purdy, Ann Peril.
Qualls, Katherine.
Rempel, Robert.
Ricker, Christine.
Roesler, Fran.
Rosenzweig, Robert M.
Roth sisters.
Ruddock, K.
Rusmore, Jean.
Schawlow, Arthur B.
Schofield, Mary.
Sears, Robert R. (Robert Richardson)
Siegman, A. E.
Skarin, Miriam.
Slaven, Helen Adell.
Smith, Stephanie.
Snyder, Rixford K.
Spaeth, Sheila.
Spears, Virginia.
Sterling, J. E. Wallace (John Ewart Wallace), 1906-1985.
Stolz, Lois Hayden Meek, 1891-1984.
Swank, Raynard Coe, 1912-
Torf, Adrienne.
Vickers, Joseph.
Warnlof, Mary Ann.
Welis, Alison.
Whitaker, Virgil.
Wiggins, Ira.
Wilbur, Dwight.
Wilbur, Mary Sloan.
Williams, Gertrude.
Wright, Mabel.
Yalom, Marilyn.

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