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Assessing students in the margin : challenges, strategies, and techniques / edited by Michael Russell, Maureen Kavanaugh.


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Publication date:
Charlotte, NC : Information Age Publishing, c2011.
  • Book
  • xvi, 475 p. : ill. ; 25 cm.
Includes bibliographical references.
  • Factors to consider in providing appropriate test accommodations to individual students with disabilities / Sara E. Bolt
  • Overcoming barriers to access for students with disabilities: testing accommodations and beyond / Alexander Kurz and Stephen N. Elliott
  • Moving ELLS with disabilities out of the margins: strategies for increasing the validity of English language proficiency assessments / Kristin Liu, Deb Albus, and Manuel Barrera
  • A new framework for accommodating English language learners with disabilities / Christopher M. Rogers and Laurene L. Christensen
  • Improving accommodations assignment: reconceptualizing professional development to support accommodations decision making / Leanne R. Ketterlin-Geller and Lindy Crawford
  • Ever-evolving state policies and practices for using technology-based accommodations to improve assessment outcomes for students in the margins / Laurene L. Christensen, Sheryl S. Lazarus, and Vitaliy Shyyan
  • Alternate achievement standards for alternate assessments: considerations for policy and practice / Shawnee Y. Wakeman ... [et al.]
  • Challenges to developing and implementing alternate assessments based on alternate achievement standards (AA-AAS) / Karin Hess, Mike Burdge, and Jean Clayton
  • Instructing and assessing students who may be candidates for alternate assessments based on modified achievement standards (AA-MAS) / Sheryl S. Lazarus and Rachel Quenemoen
  • Alternate assessments based on modified achievement standards: reflections on assessment design and implementation / Dianna Carrizales and Leanne R. Ketterlin-Geller
  • Item and test alterations: designing and developing alternate assessments with modified achievement standards / Sue Bechard, Patricia Almond, and Renee Cameto
  • Adaptive testing options for accountability assessments / Cara Cahalan Laitusis ... [et al.]
  • Holding modified assessments accountable: applying a unified reliability and validity framework to the development and evaluation of AA-MAS / Ryan J. Kettler
  • Developing a validity argument for assessments of students in the margins / Marianne Perie and Ellen Forte
  • Beyond universal design: accessibility theory to advance testing for all students / Peter A. Beddow
  • Accessible test design / Michael Russell
  • Universal design and the use of cognitive labs / Christopher Johnstone, Jason R. Altman, and Michael Moore
  • Accessibility of statewide assessment programs: examining RFP requirements / Maureen Kavanaugh and Michael Russell
  • Reflecting on milestones and mapping a route for the future / Michael Russell.
Russell, Michael K., 1967-
Kavanaugh, Maureen.

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