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Robot ethics : the ethical and social implications of robotics / edited by Patrick Lin, Keith Abney, and George A. Bekey.


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Publication date:
Cambridge, Mass. : MIT Press, c2012.
  • Book
  • x, 386 p. : ill. ; 24 cm.
Includes bibliographical references and index.
  • Introduction to robot ethics / Patrick Lin
  • Current topics in robotics : technology and ethics / George A. Bekey
  • Robotics, ethical theory, and metaethics : a guide for the perplexed / Keith Abney
  • Moral machines : contradictions in terms or abdication of human responsibility? / Colin Allen and Wendell Wallach
  • Compassionate AI and selfless robots : a Buddhist approach / James Hughes
  • The divine-command approach to robot ethics / Selmer Bringsjord and Joshua Taylor
  • Killing made easy : from joysticks to politics / Noel Sharkey
  • Robotic warfare : some challenges in moving from noncivilian to civilian theaters / Marcello Guarini and Paul Bello
  • Responsibility for military robots / Gert-Jan Lokhorst and Jeroen van den Hoven
  • Contemporary governance architecture regarding robotics technologies : an assessment / Richard M. O'Meara
  • A body to kick but still no soul to damn : legal perspectives on robotics / Peter M. Asaro
  • Robots and privacy / M. Ryan Calo
  • The inherent dangers of unidirectional emotional bonds between humans and social robots / Matthias Scheutz
  • The ethics of robot prostitutes / David Levy
  • Do you want a robot lover? : the ethics of caring technologies / Blay Whitby
  • Robot caregiver : ethical issues across the human lifespan / Jason Borenstein and Yvette Pearson
  • The rights and wrongs of robot care / Noel Sharkey and Amanda Sharkey
  • Designing people to serve / Steve Petersen
  • Can machines be people? : reflections on the Turing triage test / Rob Sparrow
  • Robots with biological brains / Kevin Warwick
  • Moral machines and the threat of ethical nihilism / Anthony F. Beavers
  • Roboethics : the applied ethics for a new science / Gianmarco Veruggio and Keith Abney.
Lin, Patrick.
Abney, Keith, 1963-
Bekey, George A., 1928-
Calo, M. Ryan.
Intelligent robotics and autonomous agents series
Intelligent robotics and autonomous agents.

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