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The SAGE handbook of educational leadership : advances in theory, research, and practice / edited by Fenwick W. English.


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Publication date:
2nd ed. - Los Angeles : SAGE, c2011.
  • Book
  • xiii, 453 p. : ill. ; 27 cm.
Title Variation:
Handbook of educational leadership
Educational leadership
Includes bibliographical references and indexes.
  • Introduction: Educational Leadership at Century?s Beginning?A Continuing Search for the Philosopher?s Stone - Fenwick W. English PART I: MULTIPLE LENSES OF DEMOCRATIC LEADERSHIP 1. A History of Public School Leadership: The First Century, 1837?1942 - Ira E. Bogotch 2. Culturally Relevant Leadership for Complex 21st-Century School Contexts - Floyd D. Beachum 3.Social Justice: Seeking a Common Language - Alan R. Shoho, Betty M. Merchant, and Catherine A. Lugg 4. Distributed Leadership and Democratic Community - Jeffrey S. Brooks and Lisa A. W. Kensler PART II: MANAGEMENT, ORGANIZATION, AND LAW 5. The Paradox of Change in Public Schooling and Education Leadership - Carol A. Mullen 6. Pivotal Points: History, Development, and Promise of the Principalship - Kathleen M. Brown 7. The School Superintendent: Roles, Challenges, and Issues - Theodore J. Kowalski and C. Cryss Brunner 8. The Role of Education Law in Leadership Preparation Programs - Charles J. Russo PART III: EDUATIONAL POLITICS AND POLICY: CREATING EFFECTIVE, EQUITABLE, AND DEMOCRATIC SCHOOLS 9. Critical Policy/Practice Arenas Predicting 21st-Century Conflict - JoAnn Danelo Barbour 10. Educational Leadership and the New Economy: Keeping the ?Public? in Public Schools - Gary L. Anderson and Monica Pini 11. Standards for Educational Leaders: Promises, Paradoxes, and Pitfalls - Rosemary Papa 12. Wild Patience: Women in School Administration - Charol Shakeshaft 13. Metanoia in Educational Leadership: An Alternative Perspective for School Leadership - Cheryl L. Bolton PART IV: THEORIES OF LEADERSHIP: RESEARCH PROBLEMS AND PRACTICES 14. The Nature of Inquiry in Educational Leadership - Michelle D. Young and Gerardo R. Lopez 15. The Development of Leadership Thought and Practice in the United States - Gary M. Crow and Margaret Grogan 16. Exploring Aesthetic Dimensions of Leadership: Re-establishing Human Agency - Eugenie A. Samier PART V: THE MICROPOLITICS OF SCHOOL LEADERSHIP 17. Curriculum Leadership: The Administrative Survival Skill in a Test-Driven Culture and a Competitive Educational Marketplace - Fenwick W. English and Betty E. Steffy 18. Teacher Preparation and Staffing in U.S. Schools - Eugene F. Provenzo, Jr. 19. The Gaposis Syndrome: Uses and Misuses of Tests - Robert J. Wright 20. Issues of Teaching and Learning - Eric Haas and Leslie Poynor 21. New Approaches for School Design - Jeffrey A. Lackney 22. Labor Relations and the Challenges of Leading - Todd A. DeMitchell 23. Budgeting, Finance, and Planning - William K. Poston, Jr. Author Index Subject Index About the Editor About the Contributors.
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Publisher's Summary:
This fully updated Second Edition of The SAGE Handbook of Educational Leadership: Advances in Theory, Research, and Practice offers an unflinching and comprehensive overview of the full range of both practical and theoretical issues facing educational leadership today. Editor Fenwick W. English and 30 renowned authors boldly address the most fundamental and contested issues in the field, including culturally relevant and distributed leadership; critical policy and practice issues predicting the new century's conflict; the paradox of changes; and the promises, paradoxes, and pitfalls of standards for educational leaders.
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English, Fenwick W.

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