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Education, professionalization and social representations : on the transformation of social knowledge / edited by Mohamed Chaib, Berth Danermark, and Staffan Selander ; with a foreword by Denise Jodelet.


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Publication date:
New York : Routledge, 2011.
  • Book
  • xxiv, 252 p. : ill. ; 24 cm.
Includes bibliographical references and index.
  • Transformations and changes in social knowledge: towards the dynamics of meaning making / Anders Gustavsson and Staffan Selander
  • Social representations and power / Berth Danermark and Per Germundsson
  • Of contextualized use of "social" and "professional" / Alain Piaser and Michel Bataille
  • Understanding professionalization as a representational process / Pierre Ratinaud and Michel Lac
  • The teacher's work / Clarilza Prado de Sousa
  • Education processes of the teacher as an apprentice / Vera Maria Nigro de Souza Placco and Vera Lucia Trevisan de Souza
  • Social representations and cultures of action / Jean-Marie Barbier
  • The theory of social representations as a theoretical and methodological tool for research on teachers in Brazil: analyses of theses and dissertations / Maria Suzana de Stefano Menin, Allesandra de Morais Shimizu, and Claudia Maria de Lima
  • Teacher students' social representations of how adults learn / Mohamed Chaib and Josef Chaib
  • Being a school teacher in Brazil / Alda Judith Alves-Mazzotti
  • Trainers of adults: professional representations and training knowledge / Patrice Bouyssières and Marie-Pierre Trinquier
  • Training and ruptures / Christine Mias
  • Social representations of belonging in pre-school children's peer-cultures / Solveig Hägglund and Annica Löfdahl
  • Transformations of risk knowledge: the medical encounter and patients' narrative construction of meaning / Sonja Olin Lauritzen and Robert Ohlsson
  • The role of the media in the transformation of citizens' social representations of suffering / Birgitta Höijer and Ulrika Olausson
  • Religiosity as a way of appropriating knowledge / Margot Campos Madeira ... [et al.]
  • Appropriation of knowledge and social psychology: Milgram's experiment on obedience to authority / Sophie Richardot.
Chaib, Mohamed, 1943-
Danermark, Berth, 1951-
Selander, Staffan.
Routledge international studies in the philosophy of education ; 25.

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