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Novel concepts in catalysis and chemical reactors [electronic resource] : improving the efficiency for the future / edited by Andrzej Cybulski, Jacob A. Moulijn, Andrzej Stankiewicz.



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Publication date:
Weinheim : Wiley-VCH, 2010.
  • Book
  • 1 online resource (xxv, 372 p.) : ill.
Includes bibliographical references and index.
  • Molecular Catalytic Kinetics Concepts / Rutger A van Santen
  • Hierarchical Porous Zeolites by Demetallation / Johan C Groen, Javier P̌rez-Ramirez
  • Preparation of Nanosized Gold Catalysts and Oxidation at Room Temperature / Takashi Takei, Tamao Ishida, Masatake Haruta
  • The Fascinating Structure and the Potential of Metal₆Organic Frameworks / Luc Alaerts, Dirk E De Vos
  • Enzymatic Catalysis Today and Tomorrow / Piotr Kielbasinski, Ryszard Ostaszewski, Wiktor Szymanski
  • Oxidation Tools in the Synthesis of Catalysts and Related Functional Materials / Ignacio Melìn-Cabrera, Jacob A Moulijn
  • Challenges in Catalysis for Sustainability / Riitta L Keiski, Tanja Kolli, Mika Huuhtanen, Satu Ojala, Eva Pongr̀cz
  • Catalytic Engineering in the Processing of Biomass into Chemicals / Tapio Salmi, Dmitry Murzin, P̃ivi M̃ki-Arvela, Johan W̃rn̄, Kari Er̃nen, Narendra Kumar, Jyri-Pekka Mikkola
  • Structured Reactors, a Wealth of Opportunities / Andrzej Cybulski, Jacob A Moulijn
  • Zeolite Membranes in Catalysis: What Is New and How Bright Is the Future? / Johan van den Bergh, Norikazu Nishiyama, Freek Kapteijn
  • Microstructures on Macroscale: Microchannel Reactors for Mediumand Large-Size Processes / Anna Lee Y Tonkovich, Jan J Lerou
  • Intensification of Heat Transfer in Chemical Reactors: Heat Exchanger Reactors / Michael Cabassud, Christophe Gourdon
  • Reactors Using Alternative Energy Forms for Green Synthetic Routes and New Functional Products / Guido Mul, Tom Van Gerven, Andrzej Stankiewicz
  • Switching from Batch to Continuous Processing for Fine and Intermediate-Scale Chemicals Manufacture / E Hugh Stitt, David W Rooney
  • Progress in Methods for Identification of Micro- and Macroscale Physical Phenomena in Chemical Reactors: Improvements in Scale-Up of Chemical Reactors / Bengt Andersson, Derek Creaser.
Cybulski, Andrzej, 1938-
Moulijn, Jacob A.
Stankiewicz, Andrzej I.
Available in another form:
Print version: Novel concepts in catalysis and chemical reactors. Weinheim : Wiley-VCH, c2010 9783527324699 3527324690 (OCoLC)620364644

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