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Education, good governance, and challenges of nationhood in Nigeria : a book of readings / edited by Abel Obaje Edegbo.


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Publication date:
Lagos, Nigeria : Samartrade, 2009.
  • Book
  • xi, 367 p. ; 24 cm.
Includes bibliographical references.
  • Education, good governance, and challenges of nationhood in Nigeria / Adejo Odoh
  • Good governance, education, and curriculum implementation / Grace Chibiko Offorma
  • Funding tertiary education for manpower development in Nigeria / Achem, Daniel Ochune
  • Constraints to educational administration of tertiary institutions in Nigeria / Oluyole S.S.
  • Education, an indispensable tool for manpower development / Arinze Francis Onyeka
  • Education as an instrument of man-power development and nation building / Awoke Florence Chigozirim
  • Perspectives of educational crises in Nigeria : the teacher factor / Abel Obaje Edegbo & Celina Edegbo
  • Crises in Nigeria : any solution from the educational sector? / Aminu Sanni
  • Universal Basic Education scheme : a fillip to sound nationhood in Nigeria / Omalie, M.C., Adah, Obe Christopher & Ameh, I.E.
  • Emerging global issues : Implications for secondary schools curricula redesigning in Nigeria / Oyeniran, Joseph Oyedare & Ayandele, Abiodun Ayaniola & Gbenro, Idowu Abiodun
  • Reconfiguring the state of educational and health facilities in Benue State North East Senatorial District : the school principals' maintenance practices perspective / Aboho D.A. & Imoko, B.I.
  • Re-positioning environmental education for effective enivronmental management in Nigeria / Okafor, Victor Emeka
  • In-service training and development in information and communication technology for national development / Tolorunleke Reuben Tunde
  • Peculiarities, needs, and suggested coping strategiesof [i.e. strategies of] albinos in Nigeria : implications for education, good governance, and national development / Ologun, S. Ekundayo
  • Instructional materias, a panacea for effective teaching and learning of social studies / Mrs. Omabe
  • Technology education for self-reliance in Nigeria : constraints and the way forward / Adah, Obe Christopher, Haruna, G.G. & Ojidu, S.S.
  • History education, a means for achieving Nigeria's national goals/objectives / J.A. Ocheje
  • Folktale in the education and cultural development of the Nigerian child / Uchechukwu Priscilla Otugo
  • Community theatre and non-formal education in Nigeria : the College of Education Katsina- ALA paradigm / Iyue Tyodoo & Avaan Terver
  • The concept of masquerade in Igala Land : a paradigm for good governance / Amade Abdul & Atule, E.E.
  • Education development through effective and efficient monitoring mathematics (competency) learning outcomes in Nigeria primary schools / Ikoro, Stanley I.
  • Effect of management style on staff morale in public libraries / Mathias F. Ogwu
  • Rule of law principle and democracy : implication for national development / Grace Idoko
  • Responsible governance for quality life in the Nigerian countryside : the community-driven development plan / Odoh, 'Dale Peters & Yusufu Alhassan
  • Promoting transparency, accountability, and good governance in Nigeria / Oni, Kayode Julius
  • Transparency and accountability in governance / Alani, G.O. & Sani, J.
  • The Niger Delta conflict as a product of corruption in the Nigerian public sector / Okwuidegbe, Loverage F. & Amori Abdulaziz
  • Factors militating against local government's effective operations at the grass root level in Nigeria / David, Moses O.
  • An assessment of internal control mechanisms and financial accountability in the local government system / Onoja, Ferdinad U. & Adama, S.A.
  • Administration and consolidation of democracy for national development : resource control imperative / Sir Anthony I. Omalle
  • Corruption and accountability in governance in Nigeria : a challenge to nationhood / Nwabuoku Chuks
  • Utilising rural industrialisation as an agent of development and population distribution / Atunu F.H. & Adanu, J.
  • Improving the grown potentials of business enterprises : the challenges of bank consolidation reform in Nigeria / Maji Ali & Idoko
  • Issues and challenges of distress in the Nigerian banking sector : implications for national development in the 21st century / Musa, Nuhu
  • Political and banking comeplex of the military : effects on Nigerian democracy / Kola Aderoju
  • The challenges of petroleum products pricing in Nigeria / Agenyi Emmanuel & Agenyi Emmanuel & Itodo Daniel Adejoh
  • The challenges of petroleum products pricing in Nigeria / Agenyi Emmanuel & Itodo Daniel Adejoh
  • Agricultural technology for economic self-reliance in Nigeria / Ameh, I.E. & Adah, O.C.
  • From food insecurity to food security : challenges for agriculture / Oluyomi Sunday Moses
  • Strategies for enhancing food security in Nigeria / Samuel Sunday Obaje
  • Measures for promoting rural food production : implications for poverty reduction of the rural dwellers in Ebonyi State / Idenyi Edwin O.
  • The indispensability of food security for a virile nationhood / Daniel Bala Pius & Ameh, I.E.
  • Achieving food security in Nigeria : the place of Fadama programme / Adah, Obe Christopher, Ameh I.E. & Omalle, M.C.
  • Food security in Ebonyi State / Nwose Donatus I.
  • Environmental challenges of industrialisation : measures for effective management / Okoliko, Monday
  • Management of hydrocarbon contaminant in the Nigerian environment / Stephen, Emmanuel & Odoma, Atabo N.
  • Managing the environmental impacts of tourism / Daniels Emmanuel
  • ICTs and environmentally sustainable development in Nigeria / Olorundare, Joshua
  • Environmental management in the present technology / Adama. S.A. & Onoja F.U.
  • Biblical caution for youths against HIV/AIDS : a challenge to Nigerian motherhood & nationhood / Ruth Laruba Abbah
  • Challenges of proper upbringing of a Muslim child in contemporary Nigeria for national development / Makoji Ahmad Abdulhameed
  • Islamic religion and the challenges of nationhood in Nigeria / Mikailu Muhammed
  • The history and impact of pentecostalism in Nigeria / Uloh, E.V., Ogbaekirigwe, A.C., Uloh-Bethels, A.C.
  • Religion and secularization : bane of good governance / Edwin Ukpabi Nwangama
  • The church and state relationships : the Petrine perspective as the Christians pathfinder in a democratic dispensation / A. David Abbah
  • Religious education for sustainable national development : a Christian perspective / Udeolisa Urewuchi E.
  • Religious values, a recipe for responsible governance in Nigeria / Idakpo Sunday & Ahmed Samson
  • Gender factors in teaching profession in publicly funded schools and institutions, implications for educational development in Oyo State local government / Jimoh, J.B. & Ogundare, I.O.
  • Gender issues and challenges for sustainable national development / A.A. Eronini.
Edegbo, Abel Obaje.

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