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The Oxford handbook of nanoscience and technology / edited A.V. Narlikar, Y.Y. Fu.


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Publication date:
New York : Oxford University Press, 2010.
  • Book
  • 3 v. : ill. ; 26 cm.
Title Variation:
Handbook of nanoscience and technology
Includes bibliographical references and indexes.
  • v. 1. Basic aspects. Nanoelectronic devices: a unified view / Supriyo Datta
  • Electronic and transport properties of doped silicon nanowires / M.-V. Fernández-Serra and X. Blase
  • NEGF-based models for dephasing in quantum transport / Roksana Golizadeh-Mojarad and Supriyo Datta
  • Molecular nanowires and their properties as electrical conductors / George Kirczenow
  • Quasi-ballistic electron transport in atomic wires / Jan M. van Ruitenbeek
  • Thermal transport of small systems / Takahiro Yamamoto, Kazuyuki Watanabe, and Satoshi Watanabe
  • Atomistic spin-dynamics / M. Stamenova and S. Sanvito
  • Patterns and pathways in nanoparticle self-organization / MO Blunt, ... [et al.]
  • Self-organizing atom chains / Arie van Houselt and Harold J. W. Zandvliet
  • Designing low-dimensional nanostructures at surfaces by supramolecular chemistry / Nian Lin and Sebastian Stepanow
  • Nanostructured surfaces: dimensionally constrained electrons and correlation / E. Bertel and A. Menzel
  • Reaction studies on nanostructured surfaces / Adolf Winkler
  • Nanotribology / S. K. Biswas
  • The electronic structures of epitaxial graphene--a view from angle-resolved photoemission spectroscopy / S. Y. Zhou and A. Lanzara
  • Theoretical simulations of scanning tunnelling microscope images and spectra of nanostructures / Jinlong Yang and Qunxiang Li
  • Functionalization of single-walled carbon nanotubes: chemistry and characterization / R. Graupner and F. Hauke
  • Quantum-theoretical approaches to proteins and nucleic acids / Mauro Boero and Masaru Tateno
  • Magnetoresistive phenomena in nanoscale magnetic contacts / J. D. Burton and E. Y. Tsymbal
  • Novel superconducting states in nanoscale superconductors / A. Kanda, ... [et al.]
  • Left-handed metamaterials--a review / E. Ozbay, G. Ozkan, and K. Aydin
  • 2D arrays of Josephson nanocontacts and nanogranular superconductors / Sergei Sergeenkov
  • Theory, experiment and applications of tubular image states / D. Segal, P. Král, and M. Shapiro
  • Correlated electron transport in molecular junctions / K. S. Thygesen and A. Rubio
  • Spin currents in semiconductor nanostructures: a non-equilibrium Green-function approach / Branislav K. Nikolić, Liviu P. Zârbo, and Satofumi Souma
  • Disorder-induced electron localization in molecular-based materials / Sven Stafström and Mikael Unge.
  • v. 2. Materials: structures, properties, and characterization techniques. Optical properties of carbon nanotubes and nanographene / R. Saito, ... [et al.]
  • Defects and disorder in carbon nanotubes / Philip G. Collins
  • Roles of shape and space in electronic properties of carbon nanomaterials / Atsushi Oshiyama and Susumu Okada
  • Identification and separation of metallic and semiconducting carbon nanotubes / Katalin Kamarás and Áron Pekker
  • Size-dependent phase transitions and phase reversal at the nanoscale / Amanda S. Barnard
  • Scanning transmission electron microscopy of nanostructures / S. J. Pennycook, ... [et al.]
  • Harmonic detection of resonance methods for micro- and nanocantilevers: theory and selected applications / J. D. Taylor, ... [et al.]
  • Microspectroscopy as a tool to discriminate nanomolecular cellular alterations in biomedical research / Francis L. Martin and Hubert M. Pollock
  • Holographic laser processing for three-dimensional photonic lattices / Satoru Shoji, Remo Proietti Zaccaria, and Satoshi Kawata
  • Nanoanalysis of materials using near-field Raman spectroscopy / Norihiko Hayazawa and Prabhat Verma
  • Scanning SQUID microscope study of vortex states and phases in superconducting mesoscopic dots, antidots, and other structures / T. Nishio, ... [et al.]
  • New phenomena in the nanospace of single-wall carbon nanotubes / Z. J. Shi and Z. N. Gu
  • Thermopower of low-dimensional structures: the effect of electron-phonon coupling / M. Tsaousidou
  • ZnO wide-bandgap semiconductor nanostructures: growth, characterization and applications / E. McGlynn, M. O. Henry, and J.-P. Mosnier
  • Selective self-assembly of semi-metal straight and branched nanorods on inert substrates / X.-S. Wang, ... [et al.]
  • Nanostructured crystals: an unprecedented class of hybrid semiconductors exhibiting structure-induced quantum confinement effect and systematically tunable properties / Jing Li and Xiao-Ying Huang
  • Nanoscale Ge₁-xMnxTe ferromagnetic semiconductors / J. F. Bi and K. L. Teo
  • Synthesis, characterization and environmental applications of nanocrystalline zeolites / Vicki H. Grassian and Sarah C. Larsen
  • Unusual properties of nanoscale ferroelectrics / Huaxiang Fu
  • Magnetic properties of nanoparticles / Steen Mørup, Catherine Frandsen, and Mikkel F. Hansen
  • Structural, electronic, magnetic, and transport properties of carbon-fullerene-based polymers / A. N. Andriotis, ... [et al.]
  • Magnetic nanowires: fabrication and characterization / Kleber Roberto Pirota, ... [et al.]
  • Iron-oxide nanostructures with emphasis on nanowires / U. P. Deshpande, T. Shripathi, and A. V. Narlikar
  • DNA-based self-assembly of nanostructures / Joshua D. Carter, ... [et al.]
  • Properties and potential of protein-DNA conjugates for analytic applications / M. Adler.
  • v. 3. Applications. Role of computational sciences in Si nanotechnologies and devices / K. Shiraishi and T. Nakayama
  • Few-electron quantum-dot spintronics / D. V. Melnikov, ... [et.al.]
  • Spintronics with metallic nanowires / J.-Ph. Ansermet
  • Molecular nanomagnets: towards molecular spintronics / W. Wernsdorfer
  • Si/SiGe heterostructures in nanoelectronics / D. J. Paul
  • Quantum dots: self-organized and self-limiting assembly / Dimitri D. Vvedensky
  • Intersublevel quantum-dot infrared photodetectors / E. Towe and D. Pal
  • Nanoionics and its device applications / T. Hasegawa, ... [et al.]
  • Molecular electronics based on self-assembled monolayers / D. Vuillaume
  • Self-assembly strategy of nanomanufacturing of hybrid devices / S. Hong, ... [et al.]
  • Templated carbon nanotubes and the use of their cavities for nanomaterial synthesis / T. Kyotani and H. Orikasa
  • Nano catalysis / R. T. Vang, S. Wendt, and F. Besenbacher
  • Bifunctional nanomaterials for the imaging and treatment of cancer / A. Burke, D. Carroll, F. M. Torti, and S. V. Torti
  • Nanoparticles in medicine / D. Maysinger, P. Kujawa, and J. Lovrić
  • Nanostructured probes to enhance optical and vibrational spectroscopic imaging for biomedical applications / Anil K. Kodali and Rohit Bhargava
  • Protein-based nanodevices / P. P. Pompa and R. Rinaldi
  • Bioconjugated quantum dots for tumor molecular imaging and profiling / P. Zrazhevskiy and X. Gao
  • Modulation design of plasmonics for diagnostic and drug screening / C.-W. Lin, N.-R. Chiu, and C.-C. Chang
  • Carbon-nanotube field emission electron and x-ray technology for medical research and clinical applications / Sigen Wang, Otto Zhou, and Sha Chang
  • Theory of hydrogen storage in nanoscale materials / Yufeng Zhao, ... [et al.]
  • Electron cold sources: nanotechnology contribution to field emitters / Vu Thien Binh
  • Free-standing grid-like nanostructures assembled into 3D open architectures for photovoltaic devices / X. Y. Kong, ... [et al.]
  • Nanolithography using molecular films and processing / C. L. McGuiness, ... [et al.]
  • Laser applications in nanotechnology / M. H. Hong
  • Evaluating the risks associated with nanomaterials / K. Thomas, ... [et al.].
Narlikar, A. V., 1940-
Fu, Y. Y. (Yunyi Y.)

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