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Small schools and strong communities : a third way of school reform / Kenneth A. Strike ; foreword by Mary Anne Raywid.


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Strike, Kenneth A.
Publication date:
New York : Teachers College Press, c2010.
  • Book
  • xvii, 183 p. ; 24 cm.
Title Variation:
Small schools & strong communities
Includes bibliographical references (p. 167-172) and index.
  • Introduction: community, small schools, and school reform
  • Authentic learning and community
  • School reform: old paradigms in older bottles?
  • Community and small schools : a way forward?
  • Education and community
  • Learning, belonging, and school reform :
  • Why community is necessary and why community is hard
  • Why community is necessary
  • Why community is hard
  • Community and the communitarian critique of liberalism
  • The "bads" of community
  • Schools that are communities and schools that are not
  • Schools as communities
  • Community and normation
  • Community and shared educational projects
  • The four c's of community
  • The structural conditions of community
  • Community of practice and intellectual community
  • Community and the core goals of education
  • The idea of a practice and the transformative capacity of practices
  • Creating communities of practice
  • Democratic community : creating a polity
  • If we want democratic schools what do we want?
  • The governance of democratic school communities
  • Democratic communities and common goods
  • Equal opportunity and democratic inclusion
  • Democracy, choice, and the common school
  • Conclusion : democratic schools and a social contract
  • Small schools, community and school reform
  • Small schools : size or community?
  • Research on small schools
  • What is a small school?
  • Small schools, personalization and community
  • Policies for small schools : scaling up, keeping on
  • Scaling up
  • Keeping on : policies for thriving school communities
  • Summary
  • Community and small schools:
  • A new paradigm for school reform
  • The idea of a paradigm
  • Paradigms for reform : standards and choice
  • Motivation, governance and more
  • Community and accountability
  • The common view of accountability : why it is dysfunctional
  • Accountability for community
  • If wishes were fishes : conclusions, doubts, and the big picture
  • A few conclusions and some doubts
  • Silver bullets and the big picture.

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