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A practical guide to early childhood inclusion : effective reflection / Ann M. Gruenberg, Regina Miller.


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Gruenberg, Ann M.
Publication date:
Boston : Pearson, c2011.
  • Book
  • xviii, 270 p. : ill. ; 24 cm.
Includes bibliographical references and indexes.
  • Chapter 1 - Introduction: Effectiveness in a Changing World Chapter 2 - Developmentally and Individually Appropriate Practices Chapter 3 - Families, Teams and Communication Chapter 4 - Assessment Chapter 5 - Introduction to Curricular Adaptations Chapter 6 - Play and Social Development Chapter 7 - Curricular Adaptations: Language and Literacy Chapter 8 - The Arts, Music, and Movement Chapter 9 - Problem-Solving in Everyday Life: Math, Science, and Beyond Chapter 10 - Professionalism: Becoming a Life-Long Learner Organizing Community Resources.
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Publisher's Summary:
Inspired by the upsurge of inclusion in early childhood, and the need to support practitioners who are working to effectively address the needs of young children representing a wide-range of developmental levels, this new book is designed to actively engage the practicing and pre-service practitioners in a participatory process of problem-solving regarding the inclusion of young children with developmental challenges in general early childhood classrooms. Based on a developmental approach highly relevant for the inclusive model, the book supports that implementing appropriate strategies includes, but is not limited to, the knowledge of children's characteristics and developmental curriculum, and further deliberation on a child-by-child basis of those factors which appear to make a difference for each child. A unique and distinct feature of the book is the reflective decision-making process, an ongoing assessment model which guides practitioners' consideration of how each child responds to intervention. Practical Guide to Early Childhood Inclusion: Effective Reflection will be a beneficial guide in challenging and transforming the personal approaches of educators working with our youngest children with exceptionalities in general education classrooms, with the tools and knowledge necessary to succeed.
(source: Nielsen Book Data)
Miller, Regina, 1946-

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