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The Oxford handbook of American political parties and interest groups / edited by L. Sandy Maisel and Jeffrey M. Berry.



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Publication date:
Oxford ; New York : Oxford University Press, 2010.
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  • xvii, 699 p. : ill. ; 26 cm.
Title Variation:
American political parties and interest groups
Includes bibliographical references (p. [589]-665) and indexes.
  • The state of research on political parties and interest groups / L. Sandy Maisel and Jeffrey M. Berry
  • Theories of parties / John H. Aldrich and Jeffrey D. Grynaviski
  • Interest group theory / Andrew McFarland
  • Methodological issues in the study of political parties / Hans Noel
  • Methodological perspectives on interest groups / Scott Ainsworth
  • American political parties : history, voters, critical elections, and party systems / Joel H. Silbey
  • The evolution and alteration of American party coalitions / Mark D. Brewer
  • The party faithful : religion and party politics in America / John C. Green
  • Party nominating procedures and recruitment--state and local level / Raymond J. La Raja
  • How parties nominate presidents / William G. Mayer
  • The road less taken: new directions in American party politics / Daniel M. Shea
  • Winning isn't everything : third parties and the American two-party system / Ronald B. Rapoport
  • The evolution of national party organizations / Paul S. Herrnson
  • The pure partisan institution : national party conventions as research sites / Byron E. Shafer
  • Activists, influence, and representation in American elections / Walter J. Stone
  • Political parties and consultants / David B. Magleby
  • What a difference twenty-five years makes : changing perspectives on parties and leaders in the U.S. House / David W. Rohde
  • Partisan models and the search for party effects in the U.S. Senate / Barbara Sinclair
  • Party coalitions in the US Congress : intra v. interpart / David W. Brady
  • The president, party politics, and constitutional development / Sidney M. Milkis and Jesse H. Rhodes
  • State parties research : the quest for strong, competitive state parties / Gerald C. Wright
  • Who sings in the heavenly chorus : the shape of the organized interest system / Kay L. Schlozman
  • The mobilization and influence of business interests / Mark A. Smith
  • Social and economic justice movements and organizations / Dara Z. Strolovitch and M. David Forest
  • The comparative advantage of state interest, organization research / David Lowery and Virginia Gray
  • Urban interest groups / Jeffrey M. Berry
  • Interest groups and agendas / Frank M. Baumgartner
  • Lobbying and influence / Beth L. Leech
  • Interest groups in American elections / Clyde Wilcox and Rentaro Iida
  • Linking political parties and interest groups / Michael T. Heaney.
Maisel, Louis Sandy, 1945-
Berry, Jeffrey M., 1948-
The Oxford handbooks of American politics
Oxford handbooks of American politics.

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