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Handbook of education, training, and supervision of school psychologists in school and community.


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Publication date:
New York : Routledge, c2010.
  • Book
  • 2 v. ; 24 cm.
Includes bibliographical references and index.
  • Part I: Contemporary School Psychology Training: The University Riccio, Garcia-Vazquez, Crespi, Why School Psychology as a Profession: Introduction and Overview. Fagan, Putting School Psychology Training into Historical Perspective: What's New? What's Old? Kaufman DeOrnellas, Maricle, What is so Special about the Specialist Degree? Givner, Combined-integrated Training: An Alternative to Traditional School Psychology Training Models. Part II: Foundations of Training Nastasi, How Much Theory Do We Teach? Williams, Epifanio, Sinko, Teaching Legal and Ethical Issues. Arroyos-Jurado, Fernandez, Navarro, Multiculturalism and Diversity: Implications for Training of School Psychologists. Lowell, Rimmer, Zeeman, Preparing Students for Leadership Roles. Part III: Training for Assessment and Evidence-based Practice Tomes, Culture and Psychoeducational Assessment: Cognition and Achievement. Hughes, McGoey, Owen, The Importance of Personality Assessment in School Psychology Training Programs. Fiorello, Hale, Decker, Coleman, Neuropsychology in School Psychology. Part IV: Training for Intervention: Systems, Settings, and Special Populations Mennuti, Christner, School-based Mental Health: Training School Psychologists for Comprehensive Service Delivery. Rosenfeld, Levinsohn-Klyap, Cramer, Educating Consultants for Practice in Schools. Crespi, Lovelace, Adult Incarceration and Children's Psychiatric Hospitalization: Training School Psychologists for Non-traditional Settings. McCormick, Fournier, Training for work with special populations: Children with Emotional and Behavioral Disorders. Phelps, Training for Work with Special Populations: Children with Chronic Illness. Part V: School Psychology Training: Rooted in the Past, Practicing in the Present, and Contemplating the Future: Summary and Conclusions Garcia-Vazquez, Crespi, Riccio, Hughes, Kaufman, Into the Future: New Directions for Education and Training.
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Publisher's Summary:
Published with the sponsorship of the Trainers of School Psychologists, this two volume handbook examines the essential tenets of the school psychology profession, critically reviews training and practice issues, and evaluates how the traditional and changing skills and issues translate into meeting the needs of children and the systems that serve them. Volume I focuses on the professional issues and topics that form the core of the university curriculum for the school psychology specialist degree. It explores contemporary university training programs, the foundations of school education, and key areas of responsibility for school-based mental health professionals, and takes a look at the future of training for school psychologists. Specific issues such as the teaching of specialty skills and training for unique areas and special populations are also discussed. By way of raising questions and issues that ultimately play out in the field, it lays the groundwork for Volume II, which is dedicated to bridging the training and practice gap.
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García-Vázquez, Enedina.
Crespi, Tony D.
Riccio, Cynthia A.

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