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Islamic Central Asia : an anthology of historical sources / edited by Scott C. Levi and Ron Sela.



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Publication date:
Bloomington, IN : Indiana University Press, c2010.
  • Book
  • xiii, 318 p. : map ; 25 cm.
Includes index.
  • Acknowledgments-- Note on Translation and Transliteration-- Map Introduction Part I, Central Asia in the Early Islamic Period, 7th-10th Centuries Introduction / A. Central Asia and the Arab Conquests: 1. Baladhuri: The Arab Conquests of Central Asia-- 2. Tabari: Another Look at the Arab Conquests B. Central Asia under the Samanids: 3. Narshakhi: The Rise of the House of Saman-- 4. Hudud al-'Alam: The Frontiers of the Muslim World in the 10th century C. An Age of Learning: 5. Ibn Sina: Biographical Notes-- 6. al-Biruni: On the Importance of the Sciences Part II, Encounter with the Turks Introduction / A. Turkic Peoples of the Steppe: 7. Orkhon Inscriptions: The Early Turks-- 8. al-Jahiz: The Peculiarities of the Turks-- 9. Gardizi: The Turks in Early Muslim Traditions-- 10. Ibn Fadlan: Journey to the Northern Lands B. Qarakhanids: The First Turkic Muslim State in Central Asia: 11. al-Kashghari: On the Linguistic Distribution of the Turks-- 12. Jamal Qarshi: The Conversion to Islam of Satuq Bughra Khan-- 13. Yusuf Hass Hajib: Advice to the Qarakhanid Rulers C. Central Asia in the 11th and 12th Centuries: 14. al-'Utbi: The Alliance of the Ghaznavids and Qarakhanids-- 15. Ibn Khallikan: Biography of the Vizier Nizam al-Mulk-- 16. Nizam al-Mulk: A Mirror for Princes-- 17. Qabus-nama: A Different Mirror for Princes-- 18. Liao Shih: Nomadic Khitan State and Society Part III, The Mongol Empire Introduction / A. Temujin and the Rise of the Mongol Empire-- 19. Secret History of the Mongols: Temujin's Origins-- 20. Hayton: Temujin and the Rise of the Mongol Empire-- 21. Nasawi: The Khorezmshah's Downfall-- 22. Chang Chun: A Daoist Monk in Central Asia-- 23. Juzjani: Chaghatay the Accursed! B. Islamic Central Asia under Mongol Rule: 24. Rashid al-Din: In Defense of Chaghatay Khan-- 25. Juvaini: The Il-Khan Hulegu Captures the Castles of the Heretics-- 26. Mirza Haydar Dughlat: The Conversion to Islam of Tughluq Timur Khan-- 27. Ibn Battuta: Travels in Western Central Asia in the 14th Century Part IV, Timur and the Timurids Introduction / A. Timur's Rise and Rule: 28. Ibn 'Arabshah: Timur and his Steppe Campaigns-- 29. Ibn Khaldun: Personal Narrative of a Meeting with Timur-- 30. Ruy Gonzales de Clavijo: A Spanish Embassy to Timur's Capital B. Central Asia in the 15th Century: 31. Khwandamir: Timur's Heirs: Shahrukh and Ulughbeg-- 32. Nava'i: A Comparison between Persian and Turkic-- 33. Khoja Ahrar: Letters-- 34. Five Readings on Sufi Orders in Central Asia: Competition, Practice, Politics Part V, Central Asia in the 16th and 17th Centuries Introduction / A. The Shibanids and Central Asian Society in the 16th Century: 35. Zubdat al-Athar: The Beginnings of the Shibanid State-- 36. Babur: Description of the Farghana Valley and Ejection from Samarqand-- 37. Anthony Jenkinson: An English Merchant in Central Asia-- 38. Juybari Archives: A 16th-Century Bukharan Deed of Sale-- 39. Akbar, Emperor of India: A Letter to 'Abdallah Khan Uzbek, King of Turan B. Central Asia in the 17th Century: 40. Abu'l-Ghazi: Reasons for Writing the Genealogies of the Turks and Turkmens-- 41. Ivan Khokhlov: A Russian Envoy to Central Asia-- 42. Sayyeda-ye Nasafi: A Visit to the Shrine of Baha' al-Din Naqshband-- 43. Churas: Erke Bek, a Turkestani in the Service of the Oirats Part VI, Central Asia in the 18th and 19th Centuries Introduction / A. The Age of Transition: 44. Timur's Legendary Biographies-- 45. Thompson & Hogg: British Trade East of the Caspian-- 46. 'Abd al-Karim Kashmiri: Nadir Shah's Campaign in Central Asia B. The Uzbek Tribal Dynasties: 47. Tuhfat al-khani: The Inauguration of Muhammad Rahim Khan-- 48. Majma' al-arqam: An Administrative Manual from Bukhara-- 49. A Collection of Royal Decrees from Khiva-- 50. Muntakhab al-tavarikh: On the Relations between Qoqand and Kashghar C. The "Great Game" to Russian Rule: 51. Alexander Burnes: The Importance of Bukhara in Great Game Politics-- 52. Mohan Lal: A Journey among the Turkmens-- 53. Levshin: Observations on the Qazaqs-- 54. Nikolai Ignatiev: Russia's Agenda in Central Asia-- 55. Bayani: The Russian Conquest of Khiva and the Massacre of the Yomut Turkmens Glossary-- Index.
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Publisher's Summary:
"Islamic Central Asia" is the first English-language anthology of primary documents for the study of Central Asian history. Scott C. Levi and Ron Sela draw from a vast array of historical sources to illustrate important aspects of the social, cultural, political, and economic history of Islamic Central Asia. These documents - many newly translated and most not readily available for study - cover the period from the 7th-century Arab conquests to the 19th-century Russian colonial era and provide new insights into the history and significance of the region.
(source: Nielsen Book Data)
Levi, Scott Cameron.
Sela, Ron.

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