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The Oxford history of English lexicography / edited by A.P. Cowie.


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Publication date:
Oxford : Clarendon Press ; New York : Oxford University Press, 2009.
  • Book
  • 2 v. ; 26 cm.
Title Variation:
History of English lexicography
Includes bibliographical references and index.
  • VOLUME I: GENERAL-PURPOSE DICTIONARIES-- 1. Introduction-- PART I. EARLY GLOSSARIES-- BILINGUAL, AND MULTILINGUAL DICTIONARIES-- 2. Glosses, Glossaries, and Dictionaries in the Medieval Period-- 3. Bilingual and Multilingual Dictionaries of the Renaissance and Early Seventeenth Century-- 4. Bilingual Dictionaries of the Late Seventeeth and Eighteenth Centuries-- 5. Bilingual Dictionaries of the Nineteenth to the Twentieth Centuries-- 6. Bilingual Dictionaries of English and Russian in the Eighteenth to the Twentieth Centuries-- PART 2. THE HISTORY OF ENGLISH MONOLINGUAL DICTIONARIES-- 7. The Early Development of the English Monolingual Dictionary Seventeenth and Early Eighteenthth Centuries-- 8. Johnson and Richardson-- 9. Major American Dictionaries-- 10. The Oxford English Dictionary-- 11. The OED Supplements-- 12. National and Regional Dictionaries of English-- 13. Dictionaries of Scots-- 14. The Period Dictionaries-- 15. Dictionaries of Caribbean English-- 16. The Electronic OED: the computerization of a historical dictionary-- References-- Index of Names-- Index of Subjects-- VOLUME II: SPECIALIZED DICTIONARIES-- PART 1. DICTIONARIES SPECIALIZED ACCORDING TO ORDERING OF ENTRIES, TOPICAL OR LINGUISTIC CONTENT, OR SPEECH COMMUNITY-- 1. Dictionaries of Synonyms and Thesauri-- 2. Scientific and Technical Dictionaries-- 3. Dictionaries of Place-names-- 4. Dictionaries of Personal Names-- 5. Pronouncing Dictionaries - i Eighteenth and Early Nineteenth Centuries-- 6. Pronouncing Dictionaries - ii Mid to Late-Nineteenth Century-- 7. Syntagmatic and Phraseological Dictionaries-- 8. Dictionaries of Quotations-- 9. English Etymological Dictionaries-- 10. Dialect Dictionaries-- 11. Slang and Cant Dictionaries-- PART 2. DICTIONARIES SPECIALIZED ACCORDING TO USES AND USERS-- 12. Dictionaries of Usage-- 13. The American Collegiate Dictionaries-- 14. The Earliest Foreign Learners' Dictionaries-- 15. Linguistic Research and Learner's Dictionaries: The Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English-- 16. The Cobuild Project-- 17. Dictionaries in Electronic Form-- References-- Index of Names-- Index of Subjects.
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Publisher's Summary:
These substantial volumes present the fullest account yet published of the lexicography of English from its origins in medieval glosses, through its rapid development in the eighteenth century, to a fully-established high-tech industry that is as reliant as ever on learning and scholarship. The history covers dictionaries of English and its national varieties, including American English, with numerous references to developments in Europe and elsewhere which have influenced the course of English lexicography. Part one of Volume I explores the early development of glosses and bilingual and multilingual dictionaries and examines their influence on lexicographical methods and ideas. Part two presents a systematic history of monolingual dictionaries of English and includes extensive chapters on Johnson, Webster and his successors in the USA, and the OED. It also contains descriptions of the development of dictionaries of national and regional varieties, and of Old and Middle English, and concludes with an account of the computerization of the OED.The specialized dictionaries described in Volume II include dictionaries of science, dialects, synonyms, etymology, pronunciation, slang and cant, quotations, phraseology, and personal and place names. This volume also includes an account of the inception and development of dictionaries developed for particular users, especially foreign learners of English. The Oxford History of English Lexicography unites scholarship with readability. It provides a unique and accessible reference for scholars and professional lexicographers and offers a series of fascinating encounters with the men and women involved over the centuries in the making of works of profound national and linguistic importance.
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Cowie, Anthony Paul.

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