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The Oxford handbook of philosophy of emotion / edited by Peter Goldie.



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Publication date:
Oxford ; New York : Oxford University Press, 2010.
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  • xiv, 722 p. : ill. ; 26 cm.
Title Variation:
Philosophy of emotion
Series from jacket.
Includes bibliographical references and index.
  • Introduction-- PART 1: WHAT EMOTIONS ARE-- 1. Concepts of Emotion in Modern Philosophy and Psychology-- 2. The Thing Called Emotion-- 3. Describing the Forms of Emotional Colouring that Pervade Everyday Life-- 4. The Mind's Bermuda Triangle: Philosophy of Emotions and Empirical Science-- PART 2: THE HISTORY OF EMOTION-- 5. Emotions in Plato and Aristotle-- 6. Stoicism and Epicureanism-- 7. Emotion in Medieval Thought-- 8. A Sentimentalist defence of Contempt, Shame, and Disdain-- 9. Emotions in Heidegger and Sartre-- 10. Reinstating the Passions: Arguments from History of Psychopathology-- PART 3: EMOTIONS AND PRACTICAL REASON-- 11. Emotional Choice and Rational Choice-- 12. Why be Emotional?-- 13. Emotions and Motivation: Reconsidering Neo-Jamesian Accounts-- 14. Emotions and Motivation: The Case of Fear-- PART 4: EMOTIONS AND THE SELF-- 15. The Phenomenology of Mood and the Meaning of Life-- 16. Saying It-- 17. Epistemic Emotions-- 18. A Plea for Ambivalence-- 19. Emotion, Self/Other-Awareness, and Autism: A Developmental Perspective-- 20. Intellectual and Other Non-Standard Emotions-- PART 5: EMOTION, VALUE, AND MORALITY-- 21. Emotions and Values-- 22. An Ethics of Emotion?-- 23. The Moral Emotions-- 24. Learning Emotions and Ethics-- 25. Emotions and the Canons of Evaluation-- 26. Demystifying Sensibilities: Sentimental Values and the Instability of Affect-- PART 6: EMOTION, ART, AND AESTHETICS-- 27. Expression in the Arts-- 28. Affects in Appreciation-- 29. Emotions, Art, and Immorality-- 30. Emotional Responses to Music: What are they? How do they work? And are they relevant to aesthetic appreciation?
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Publisher's Summary:
This volume contains thirty-one state-of-the-art contributions from leading figures in the study of emotion today. The volume addresses all the central philosophical issues in current emotion research, including: the nature of emotion and of emotional life; the history of emotion from Plato to Sartre; emotion and practical reason; emotion and the self; emotion, value, and morality; and emotion, art and aesthetics. Anyone interested in the philosophy of emotion, and its wide-ranging implications in other related fields such as morality and aesthetics, will want to consult this book. It will be a vital resource not only for scholars and graduate students but also for undergraduates who are finding their way into this fascinating topic.
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Goldie, Peter.
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