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Feminist pedagogy : looking back to move forward / edited by Robbin D. Crabtree, David Alan Sapp, Adela C. Licona.


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Publication date:
Baltimore, Md. : Johns Hopkins University Press, 2009.
  • Book
  • vi, 269 p. ; 23 cm.
Title Variation:
Looking back to move forward
"This volume brings together theoretical and empirical articles, critical essays, and personal reflections on classroom practices published in The NWSA Journal from 1989 to 2002"--P. 6.
Includes bibliographical references (p. [233]-256) and index.
  • Authority / Dale M. Bauer
  • Resisting "the dominance of the professor" : gendered teaching, gendered subjects / Pamela L. Caughie and Richard Pearce
  • Scholarship on the other side : power and caring in feminist education / Rebecca Ropers-Huilman
  • Beyond essentialisms : team teaching gender and sexuality / Debbie Storrs and John Mihelich
  • Not for queers only : pedagogy and postmodernism / Sal Johnston
  • Feminist pedagogy, interdisciplinary praxis, and science education / Maralee Mayberry and Margaret N. Rees
  • Small group pedagogy : consciousness-raising in conservative times / Estelle B. Freedman
  • Bringing different voices into the classroom / Julia T. Wood
  • Teaching about domestic violence : strategies for empowerment / Saundra Gardner
  • The shift from identity politics to the politics of identity : lesbian panels in the women's studies classroom / Mary Margaret Fonow and Debian Marty
  • The protest as a teaching technique for promoting feminist activism / Suzanna Rose
  • Women's studies on television? : it's time for distance learning / Annis H. Hopkins
  • "I was [so] busy fighting racism that I didn't even know I was being oppressed as a woman!" : challenges, changes, and empowerment in teaching about women of color / Lili M. Kim
  • Negotiating tensions : teaching about race issues in graduate feminist classrooms / Anne Donadey
  • Feminist pedagogy : a selective annotated bibliography / Lori A. Goetsch
  • Dynamics of the pluralist classroom : a selected bibliography / Stephanie Riger, Carrie Brecke, and Eve Wiederhold.
Publisher's Summary:
This collection of essays traces the evolution of feminist pedagogy over the past fifteen years, exploring both its theoretical and practical dimensions. Feminist pedagogy is defined as a set of epistemological assumptions, teaching strategies, approaches to content, classroom practices, and teacher-student relationships grounded in feminist theory. To apply this philosophy in the classroom, the editors maintain that feminist scholars must critically engage in dialogue and reflection about both what and how they teach, as well as how who they are affects how they teach. In identifying the themes and tensions within the field and in questioning why feminist pedagogy is particularly challenging in some educational environments, these articles illustrate how and why feminist theory is practiced in all kinds of classrooms. In exploring feminist pedagogy in all its complexities, the contributors identify the practical applications of feminist theory in teaching practices, classroom dynamics, and student-teacher relationships. This volume will help readers develop theoretically grounded classroom practices informed by the advice and experience of fellow practitioners and feminist scholars.
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Crabtree, Robbin.
Sapp, David Alan.
Licona, Adela C.
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