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Qualitative educational research : readings in reflexive methodology and transformative practice / edited by Wendy Luttrell.


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Publication date:
New York : Routledge, 2010.
  • Book
  • xi, 507 p. : ill. ; 26 cm.
Includes bibliographical references and index.
  • Introduction Section One: On Knowing 1. Foundations of Qualitative Research for Education, Robert C. Bogdan and Sari Knopp Biklen 2. The Lives and Values of Researchers, James A. Banks 3. Studying Urban Schools, Howard S. Becker 4. Knowledge Accumulation, Jennifer C. Greene 5. Seeing through Science, Joey Sprague 6. On Tricky Ground, Tihiwai Smith 7. Practice, Participatory Research and Creative Research Designs, Walter Haney and M. Brinton Lykes 8. Unraveling Ethics, Christine Halse and Anne Honey 9. On Intellectual Craftsmanship, C. Wright Mills 10. From the Seminar Room, Marjorie DeVault Section Two: On Doing 11. Interactive and Reflexive Research Design Models 12. Culture, Development, Disability, R. P. McDermott and Herve Varenne 13. Grounded Theory Then and Now, Kathy Charmaz 14. Narrative Inquiry, Susan E. Chase 15. Cultural Analysis of Discourse, Naomi Quinn 16. "Good Enough" for Life Story Analysis, Wendy Luttrell 17. Validity: How Might You Be Wrong? Joseph A. Maxwell 18. Validation in Inquiry-Guided Research, Elliot G. Mishler 19. Poor Mothers and Habits of Hiding, Lisa Dodson and Leah Schmalzbauer 20. Don't Believe the Hype, Aun Arnett Ferguson Section Three: On Telling 21. The Colonizer/Colonized Chicana Ethnographer, Sofia Villeans 22. Where Are You Really From? Marsha Giselle Henry 23. White Like Me? Charles A. Gallagher 24. The Power to Know One Thing Is Never the Power to Know All Things, Michele Foster 25. Entering the Inquiry, Susan Talburt 26. Learning from Kids, Barrie Thorne 27. Teacher-Researcher Collaboration from Two Perspectives, Polly Ulichny and Wendy Schoener 28. Writing the "Wrongs" of Fieldwork, Michelle Fine and Lois Weiss Reflexive Writing Exercises 29. Reflexive Writing Exercises 30. Summary of Kinds of Responses, Peter Elbow and Pat Belanoff 31. Joining in and Knowing the I: On Becoming Educational Scholars, Rhoda Bernard, Cleti Cervoni, Charlene Desir, and Corinne McKamey Supplemental Reading List.
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Publisher's Summary:
A comprehensive anthology that helps deepen students' thinking about their qualitative research purposes, questions, and decision-making.
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Luttrell, Wendy.

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