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Family factors and the educational success of children / edited by William Jeynes.


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Publication date:
London ; New York : Routledge, 2010.
  • Book
  • vi, 411 p. : ill. ; 25 cm.
Includes bibliographical references and index.
  • 1. Introduction: The Salience of Family Factors in Children's School Experiences William Jeynes Summaries of the Effects of Parental Style and Parental Involvement 2. Parenting Styles: The impact on student achievement Lola Brown and Shrinidhi Iyengar 3. Families, their children's education, and the public school: An historical review Diana Hiatt-Michael 4. Father Involvement and Children's Early Learning: A Critical Review of Published Empirical Work from the Past 15 Years Jason Downer, Rodrigo Campos, Christine McWayne, and Tara Gartner Parental Involvement and the Academic Achievement of Hispanic Students 5. Community Literacy Resources and Home Literacy practices among Immigrant Latino Families Leslie Reese and Claude Goldenberg 6. Examining Famial-Based Academic Success Factors in Urban High School Students: The Case of Puerto Rican Female High Achievers Rene Antrop-Gonzalez, William Velez, and Tomas Garrett 7. Expectations, Aspirations, and Achievement among Latino Students of Immigrant Families Dick M. Carpenter II Education & Religion as a means of improving family life 8. Family, denomination and the adolescent worldview: an empirical enquiry among 13- to 15-year-old females in England and Wales Leslie J. Francis 9. The Influence of Religion on Latino Education, Marriage, and Social Views in the United States Gaston Espinosa Parental Involvement as a Means of Improving the Quality of Life 10. Increased Family Involvement in School Predicts Improved Child-Teacher Relationships and Feelings about School for Low-income Children Eric Dearing, Holly Kreider, and Heather B. Weiss 11. Effects Of Parental Involvement On Experiences of Discrimination And Bullying William H. Jeynes Improving Parental Involvement & Building Partnerships 12. How Parents and Teachers View their School Communities Sam Redding 13. Altering the Curriculum of the Home: Learning Environments for Korean and U.S. Students Susan J. Paik 14. Caregiver Engagement in Religious Urban Elementary Schools Martin Scanlan 15. High School Family Centers: Transformative Spaces Linking Schools and Families in Support of Student Learning Karen L. Mapp, Vivian R. Johnson, Carol Sills Strickland, and Catherine Meza 16. Families Home Schooling in a Virtual Charter School System Carol Klein and Mary Poplin.
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Publisher's Summary:
This book addresses a wide range of family variables and a diverse array of family situations in order to understand the dynamics of the multifaceted relationship between family realities and educational outcomes of children. It provides research on building effective partnerships between parents and teaches the importance of parental style, parental involvement as a means of improving family life, the influence of family factors on children of color, and the role of religion in influencing family and educational dynamics. This book was published as a double special issue of "Marriage and Family Review".
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Jeynes, William.

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