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The handbook of leadership and professional learning communities / edited by Carol A. Mullen.


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Mullen, Carol A.
Publication date:
1st ed. - New York : Palgrave Macmillan, 2009.
  • Book
  • xv, 254 p. : ill. ; 25 cm.
Includes bibliographical references and index.
  • Introducing Collaborative Communities With Edge and Vitality-- C.A.Mullen PART I: ORGANIZATION AND THE LEARNING COMMUNITY Understanding Schools as Organizations: Implications for Realizing Professional Learning Communities-- B.L.Johnson, Jr. Forming School--University Partnerships to Create Professional Learning Communities That Improve Schools-- L.R.Goduto, V.Doolittle & D.Leake Developing Professional Learning Communities in a University--Public School Partnership-- R.V.Bullough Jr. & S.C.Baugh Professional Development Schools: Learning Communities for Leaders and Teachers as Change Agents-- M.Sudeck, V.Doolittle & P.Rattigan Teacher Education is Everybody's Business: Northern Guilford High School, a Professional Development Community-- C.Lashley, J.Cooper, J.McCall, J.Yeager & C.Ricci The University Connection: Transformational Learning That Enhances Professional Learning Communities-- S.Harris, V.Farrow and H.Lowery-Moore A Vision for Linking Pre-K and Higher Education Through Learning Communities-- J.R.Hoyle & T.M.Kutka PART II: DEMOCRACY AND THE LEARNING COMMUNITY Forming Culturally Responsive Learning Communities in Demographically Changing Schools-- C.Wilson Cooper, R.Allen & S.C.Bettez Transforming the Space of Schools Into Learning Communities: Teacher Leadership as Pedagogy of Democratic Place-- P.M.Jenlink & K.E.Jenlink Catalysts and Barriers: Practitioner Concepts of Professional Learning Communities as Democracies in Action-- C.A.Mullen & S.Harris Faculty of Color Constructing Communities at Predominantly White Institutions-- D.L.Roseboro & C.P.Gause Support for Women Leaders: The Visible and the Invisible-- J.H.Applegate, P.M.Earley & J.Mattuck Tarule PART III: TECHNOLOGY AND THE LEARNING COMMUNITY Professional Learning Communities and the Culture of Digital Technology: A Philosophic Inquiry-- G.M.Hudak Virtual Learning Communities: Encountering Digital Culture, Politics, and Capital-- R.A.Carter & L.E.Villaverde Graduate Students' and Preservice Teachers' Electronic Communications in a Community of Practice-- J.C.Richards, S.V.Bennett & K.G.Thomas PART IV: MENTORING AND THE LEARNING COMMUNITY Leadership in K--12 Learning Communities: Activism and Access Through Inter-Generational Understanding-- D.J.Davis, L.Green-Jerry & J.Wells Facilitating Professional Learning Communities Through Mentor Teacher Preparation-- S.D.Myers & H.Fives Peer Learning Communities in Action: Coaching to Improve Preservice Teaching-- C.R.Pryor & B.D.O'Donnell Conclusion: Community Change Through Activism: Insights and Lessons-- C.A.Mullen.
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Publisher's Summary:
This book is the first to integrate the topics of professional development, educational leadership, and social justice. Contributors offer ideas, applications, and resources for helping leaders and educators tackle the challenges of building successful professional learning communities. This wide-ranging text will prove indispensable for any democratically accountable leader committed to organizational change through communities of practice. The book contains four sections: organization and the learning community, democracy and the learning community, technology and the learning community, and mentoring and the learning community. Descriptions of conceptual frameworks are supported by strategies for implementation and success.
(source: Nielsen Book Data)

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