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String cosmology : modern string theory concepts from the Big Bang to cosmic structure / edited by Johanna Erdmenger.



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Publication date:
Weinheim [Germany] : Wiley-VCH, c2009.
  • Book
  • xvi, 313 p. : ill. ; 25 cm.
Includes bibliographical references and index.
  • Preface. 1 Introduction to Cosmology and String Theory (Johanna Erdmenger and Martin Ammon). 1.1 Introduction. 1.2 Foundations of Cosmology. 1.3 Inflation. 1.4 Fluctuations. 1.5 Bosonic String Theory. 1.6 Superstring Theory. 1.7 String Dualities and M-Theory. 1.8 D-Branes. 1.9 Compactification. 1.10 String Thermodynamics. 1.11 Gauge-Gravity Duality. 1.12 Summary. References. 2 String-Inflation I: Brane Inflation (Marco Zagermann). 2.1 Introduction. 2.2 Moduli Stabilization in Type IIB String Theory. 2.3 Warped D3/D3-Brane Inflation (Slow Roll). 2.4 D3/D7-Brane Inflation. 2.5 DBI Inflation. 2.6 Gravitational Waves and Inflation Field Range. 2.7 Conclusions. References. 3 String-Inflation II: Inflation from Moduli (C.P. Burgess). 3.1 Introduction. 3.2 Accelerated Expansion in Supergravity. 3.3 Type IIB Moduli and Their Stabilization. 3.4 Inflation from Kahler Moduli. 3.5 What We've Learned So far. References. 4 Cosmic Superstrings (Robert C. Myers and Mark Wyman). 4.1 Introduction. 4.2 Superstring Theory on Cosmological Scales. 4.3 Observing Cosmic Superstrings. 4.4 Conclusion. References. 5 The CMB as a Possible Probe of String Theory (Gary Shiu). 5.1 Introduction. 5.2 String Theory and Inflation. 5.3 Example 1: Initial State of Inflation. 5.4 Example 2: Non-Gaussianities in the CMB. 5.5 Example 3: Probing the Shape of Extra Dimensions. 5.6 Summary and Future Directions. References. 6 String Gas Cosmology (Robert H. Brandenberger). 6.1 Introduction. 6.2 Basics of String Gas Cosmology. 6.3 Moduli Stabilization in String Gas Cosmology. 6.4 String Gas Cosmology and Structure Formation. 6.5 Conclusions. References. 7 Gauge-Gravity Duality and String Cosmology (Sumit R Das). 7.1 Introduction. 7.2 Null Singularities and Matrix Theory. 7.3 Cosmological Singularities and the AdS/CFT Correspondence. 7.4 Conclusions. References. 8 Heterotic M-Theory and Cosmology (Axel Krause). 8.1 Introduction. 8.2 Heterotic M-Theory Flux Compactifications. 8.3 Heterotic Cosmic Strings. 8.4 Towards Dark Energy from M-Theory. 8.5 Multibrane Inflation and Gravitational Waves. References. Index.
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Publisher's Summary:
Filling a huge gap in the literature by bringing together all the different strains of research within this particular subject into one single volume, this book is a collection of articles presenting up-to-date, ongoing results by renowned experts currently working in the field.
(source: Nielsen Book Data)
Erdmenger, Johanna.

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