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The two cultures : shared problems / Ernesto Carafoli, Gian Antonio Danieli, Giuseppe O. Longo, editors.



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Publication date:
Milano : Springer, c2009.
  • Book
  • xiii, 323 p. : ill. (some col.) ; 24 cm.
Includes bibliographical references and index.
Table of contents (source: Casalini)
  • LEOPOLDO MAZZAROLLIIntroduction MICHELANGELO PISTOLETTOMirror: an optical prosthesis that multiplies the reflective capacities of the mind The Concept of TimeGABRIELE VENEZIANODid time have a beginning? A meeting point for science and philosophy HANS MOOIJThe flow and the map: on the dynamic and static views of time Infinity and NothingnessLUCIANO BOICreating the physical world ex nihilo? On the quantum vacuum and its fluctuations EUGENIO MAZZARELLAWorld nihilism and theological nihilism: a possible definition RUTH DURRERThe evolution of the universe PIERGIORGIO ODIFREDDIEternity breaks through Zeno NumbersMARCUS DU SAUTOYSymmetry Intelligence and Emotions GIORGIO VALLORTIGARAIntelligence and human cognition: mental processing in humble brains ELKHONON GOLDBERGMany faces of intelligence Brain and MusicJOERG RASCHECycles of re-creation: psychoanalytical approach to music Creativity in Arts and ScienceARTHUR MILLERArt and science: two cultures or two sides of same coin? ERNESTO CARAFOLIScientific and artistic creativity. Towards a unifying concepi Beauty: Beyond Emotions?MAURIZIO FERRARISThings and artworks GIUSEPPE O. LONGOThe dynamics of beauty Arts and Science: a Final JourneyMARIO BOTTAArchitecture between art and science.
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Publisher's Summary:
The aim of the book is to encourage an in-depth discussion of problems of fundamental importance that are common to the two cultures, but that are traditionally seen from different perspectives. The forum will bring together scientists, philosophers, humanists, musicians with the aim of fostering comprehension of problems that have traditionally troubled humankind, and establish more fertile grounds for the communication between the two cultures. The themes of the contributions are the followings: the concept of time, infinity, the concept and meaning of nothingness, numbers, intelligence and the human mind, basic mechanisms in the production of thought and of artistic creation and the relationship between artistic and scientific creativity.
(source: Nielsen Book Data)
Carafoli, Ernesto.
Danieli, Gian Antonio, 1942-
Longo, G. (Giuseppe)

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