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The problem with boys' education : beyond the backlash / edited by Wayne Martino, Michael Kehler, and Marcus B. Weaver-Hightower.


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Publication date:
New York : Routledge, 2009.
  • Book
  • xxii, 290 p. : maps ; 24 cm.
Includes bibliographical references and index.
  • List of Figures and Tables. Preface. 1. Issues of Boys' Education in the United States: Diffuse Contexts and Futures. Marcus Weaver-Hightower. 2. Gender Policies in Australia and the UK: The Construction of New Boys and Girls. Martin Mills, Becky Francis, and Christine Skelton. 3. What Can We Expect of Boys? A Strategy to Help Schools Hoping for Justice. Michael C. Reichert, Peter Kuriloff and Brett Stoudt. 4. "Why Does She Need Me?": Young Men, Gender Politics and Personal Practice. Rebecca Priegert Coulter. 5. Masculinity, Racialization and Schooling: The Making of Marginalized Men. Carl E. James. 6. Troubles of Black Boys in Urban Schools in the United States: Black Feminist and Gay Men's Perspectives. Lance T. McCready. 7. The Beer and the Boyz: Masculine Transitions in a Post-Industrial Economy. Anoop Nayak. 8. Hostile High School Hallways. Michael Kimmel. 9. Boys, Friendships and Knowing "It Wouldn't Be Unreasonable to Assume I Am Gay". Michael Kehler. 10. Tomboys and 'Female Masculinity': (Dis)embodying Hegemonic Masculinity, Queering Gender Identities and Relations. Emma Renold. 11. What Can He Want? Male Teachers, Young Children, and Teaching Desire. James R. King. 12. Beyond Male Role Models: Interrogating the Role of Male Teachers in Boys' Education. Wayne Martino. Contributors. Notes. Index.
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Publisher's Summary:
This book offers an illuminating analysis of the theories, politics, and realities of boys' education around the world - an insightful and often disturbing account of various educational systems' successes and failings in fostering intellectual and social growth in male students. Examining original research on the impact of implementing boys' education programs in schools, the book also discusses the role of male teachers in educating boys, strategies for aiding marginalized boys in the classroom, and the possibilities for gender reform in schools that begins at the level of pedagogy. Complete with case studies of various classrooms, school districts, and governmental policy programs, the detailed essays collected provide a look into education's role in the development of masculinities, paying special attention to the ways in which these masculinities intersect with race, class, and sexuality to complicate the experience of boys within and outside of a classroom setting.
(source: Nielsen Book Data)
Martino, Wayne.
Kehler, Michael.
Weaver-Hightower, Marcus B.

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