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The Cambridge guide to second language teacher education / edited by Anne Burns, Jack C. Richards.


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Publication date:
Cambridge [England] ; New York : Cambridge University Press, 2009.
  • Book
  • viii, 325 p. : ill. ; 27 cm.
Title Variation:
Second language teacher education
Includes bibliographical references and indexes.
  • Preface: Anne Burns and Jack C Richards Introduction: Anne Burns and Jack C Richards Section 1: The landscape of second language teacher education Introduction 1. The scope of second language teacher education - Donald Freeman 2. Trends in second language teacher education - Karen E Johnson 3. Critical language teacher education - Margaret Hawkins and Bonny Norton 4. Social and cultural perspectives - Charlotte Franson and Adrian Holliday Section 2: Professionalism and the language teaching profession-- Introduction 5. Second language teacher professionalism - Constant Leung 6. Certification and professional qualifications - Susan Barduhn and Jenny Johnson 7. Standards and second language teacher education - Anne Katz and Marguerite Ann Snow 8. Assessment in second language teacher education - Donald Freeman, Gwynne Morrisey and Melinda McBee Orzulak 9. Teacher preparation and non-native English-speaking educators - Lia D Kamhi-Stein 10. 'Trainer development': Professional development for language teacher educators - Tony Wright Section 3: Pedagogical knowledge in second language teacher education Introduction 11. The curriculum of second language teacher education - Kathleen Graves 12. Knowledge about language - Nat Bartels 13. SLA and teacher education - Rod Ellis 14. Acquiring knowledge of discourse conventions in teacher education - John S Hedgcock Section 4: Identity, cognition and experience in teacher learnin Introduction 15. Personal practical knowledge in L2 teacher education - Paula Golombek 16. Language teacher cognition - Simon Borg 17. Teacher identity - Jennifer Miller 18. The novice teacher experience - Thomas S C Farrell 19. Teaching expertise: Approaches, perspectives and characterisations - Amy B M Tsui Section 5: Contexts for second language teacher education Introduction 20. Teaching and learning in the course room - Gurmit Singh and Jack C Richards 21. School-based experience - Michael K Legutke and Marita Schocker-v. Ditfurth 22. Language-teacher eduction by distance - David R Hall and John S Knox 23. Technology and second language teacher education - Hayo Reinders Section 6: Second language teacher education through collaboration Introduction 24. Collaborative teacher development - Bill Johnston 25. The practicum - Jerry G Gebhard 26. Mentoring - Angi Malderez 27. Language teacher supervision - Kathleen M Bailey Section 7: Second language teacher development through research and practice Introduction 28. Second language classroom research - Sandra Lee McKay 29. Action research and second language teacher education - Anne Burns 30. Reflective practice - Jill Burton.
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Publisher's Summary:
This collection provides an overview of current issues, debates, and approaches in Second Language Teacher Education (SLTE) presented by internationally prominent researchers, educators, and emerging scholars. Chapters address such issues as distance education, non-native English-speaking educators, technology, assessment, standards, and the changing contexts of contemporary language teaching and teacher education.
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Burns, Anne, 1945-
Richards, Jack C.

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